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Hidy folks,

Our Cinbaramy Sheltie site is going well, so I thought I'd set up an extension site (2000) with my own links etc. & leave more room for photos on our other pages.   Feel free to comment on anything contained within these pages and all ideas for improvements will be greatly appreciated.....let me know if any links don't work.   My name is Amy Jayne McKnight and I'm from Northern Ireland (UK). . .For pictures of my sheltie family (puppies included) contact our CINBARAMY website.  The top hyperlink bar is for general navigation around this site while the bottom hyperlink bar navigates my main dog sites and should appear on all appropriate pages.

I'm currently working in the field of Medical Genetics.  Researching genetic predisposition to complex disease for any genetic / medical buffs out there.   I've a wide range of interests - mainly involving dogs such as walking, cycling, gardening etc. . . its amazing how "Helpful" shelties can be in the garden!

I started out living with a collie (& the usual two parents as well), but got my first sheltie when I was six years old.  I've been hooked since then.  I really enjoy owning (or being owned by), training, grooming, breeding and showing in both obedience and conformation classes.  My father has had shelties since the early seventies, but we only started breeding in the early nineties when I was old enough to rear a litter.  Just to show you what we look like:

wpe4.jpg (2763 bytes) This is our family.  Mum (Cindy) and I are to the back, with Dad (Barry) sitting in front.

colour pawprint line.gif (1374 bytes)

wpe2.jpg (1448 bytes)   site currently / always under construction

colour pawprint line.gif (1374 bytes)

Feel free to contact me with any comments / complaints about the site, or if you just want to chat.  

All sheltie conversation is Very welcome & I have recently added a Guestbook.

Email me     or     Cinbaramy

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