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Dundalk at District Canine Club

All Breed Championship Show

Under IKC Rules


26th July 2008    Judge: Mrs M. Martin


Best of Breed:    Carolelen Clean Sweep for Moifara

Green Star Dog: Carolelen Clean Sweep for Moifara

Reserve GSD: Trixandy Ace of Spades at Karyshanty

Green Star Bitch:  Larksmore Isobella Blue

Reserve GSB: Larksmoor Michaelmas Daisy


PD: 2
1) Farrell's Carolelen Clean Sweep for Moifara:  Dog Green Star, BP &
2) McDonald's Fearnach Fly by Night

JD: 2/1
1) Hodson's Moyhill Woody Woodpecker

ID: 1
1) McDonald's Longrange Lothario at Fearnach

OD: 2
1) McDonagh's Trixandy Ace of Spades at Karyshanty:  Reserve Dog Green
2) Savage's Shellthorn Storm in a Teacup at Savataurus

ChD: 1
1) Doyle's Blarney Pocket of Mischief at Sevenoaks

PB: 4/1
1) Conaghey's Larksmoor Michaelmas Daisy: Reserve Bitch Green Star
2) McDonald's Fearnach Femme Fatale
2) McKnight's Cinbaramy Hello Darlin'

JB: 1
1) McPhillips / McGuinness' Jimeds Shadow

IB: 2
1) Savage's Shellthorn Delight at Savataurus
2) Morris' Klassymar Butterfly Maiden

OB: 7
1) Conaghey's Larksmore Isobella Blue:  Bitch Green Star
2) Conaghey's Longrange Liberty Belle
3) Doyle's Sevenoaks Red Illusion
4) McKnight's Cinbaramy Mystery Girl
5) Morris' Klassymar Shining Star