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A brief summary of the genes involved with coat genetics in the dog. 

There are many different books / papers publishing reams of information on the genes involved with coat colour in dogs.  The following is a list of indentified & confirmed genes that I have compiled from my reading - please note that is it probably by no means an exhaustive list and I'd be glad to hear any further developments in the field.

The Locus is the specific position of a gene within the genetic material.  The Symbol is the character by which the gene is often referred, while an Allele is a noted variation of the gene at that locus...Happy reading

Locus Symbol Number of alleles known
Agouti A 6
Brown B 2
Brindle Br 2
Albino C 4
Cyclic Neutropenia Cn 2
Dilution D 2
Extension E 3
Flecking F 2
Grey G 2
Grey points Grp 2
Harlequin H 2
Intense Int 3
Merle M 2
Mask Ma 2
Pink Eyed Dilute P 2
Powder Puff Pp 2
Piebald / Star S 4
Slate Grey Sg 2
Ticked / Ticking T 2
Tweed Tw 2
White Wh 2

Correspondances on dog genetics commonly mention between 3 and 10 genes involved in dog coat colour genetics.  Above I have listed  21 genes known to cause variation in dog coats - I do have a further list of the alleles noted if anyone would like to know the permutations available.  A brief explanation of commonly used genetic terms are available here.  References may be found here.

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