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Kennel Clubs            Assistance Clubs            Other Contacts

  • Kennel Clubs

    The Kennel Club (UK)                                             The Irish Kennel Club

1 - 5 Clarges Street                                                                            Fottrell House

Piccadilly                                                                                           Harold's Cross Bridge

London                                                                                              Dublin 6

W1Y                                                                                                    Ireland

General Enquiries: 0171 493 6651                                               Tel:  00353 1453 3300

Registration Enquires: 0171 493 2001                                         Fax: 00353 1453 3237

                                                                                                        Email: ikenclub@indigo.ie


Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

13 Place Albert I




Tel: 0032 7159 1238


Australian National Kennel Council                         American Kennel Club

PO Box 285                                                                                          4th Floor

Red Hill South                                                                                    260 Madison Avenue

Victoria 3937                                                                                       New York   NY 10016

Australia                                                                                             USA

Tel: 0061 15 304338                                                                         Tel:   001 212 696 8200


Canine Partners for Independence (CPI)               Support Dogs

Homewell House                                                                                 PO Box 447

22 Homewell                                                                                       Sheffield

Havant                                                                                                England

Hampshire                                                                                           S6 6YU

England    PO9 1EE                                                                                          

Tel: 01705 450156                                                                         Tel:   0114 232 0026


Dogs for the Disabled                                              Guide Dogs for the Blind

The Old Vicarage                                                                               Highfields

London Road                                                                                    Burghfeild

Ryton - on - Dunsmore                                                                    Reading

Coventry             PO9 1EE                                                                Berkshire        

Warwickshire,    England                                                                  England        S6 6YU

Tel: 01203 302057                                                                          Tel:   01734 835555


Hearing Dogs for the Deaf                                         Pro Dogs & Pat Dogs

London Road                                                                                 Rocky Bank

Lewknor                                                                                       4 New Road

Oxfordshire                                                                                 Ditton

England                                                                                        Kent             ME20 6AD

Tel: 01844 353898                                                                     Tel:   01732 848499

   International Sheepdog Society                         The Agility club

Chesham House                                                                 Mr J. Gilbert

47 Bromham Road                                                             100 Bedford Road

Bedford                                                                              Barton - Le - Clay

MK40 2AA                                                                         Beds     MK45 4LS

Tel: 01234 352672                                                            Tel:   01582 882366


    British Flyball Association                       

Kevin McNicholas                             

50 Tudor Road                                     


Herts        EN5 5NP                                

Tel: 0181 449 7539                         


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