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Championship Status - GBKC

Adapted from GB Kennel Club Rules & Regulations - April 2001.


red pawprint.gif (875 bytes)   Award of Championship (Ch) title . . .

The Kennel Club (KC) operates under a Challenge Certificate system . . . Challenge Certificates (CC's) are the qualifications that lead to the title of Champion being conferred upon a dog.  The following criteria must be met before the title of "Champion" may be awarded:

Winning at least 3 CC's under three different judges,

provided at least one of the CCs was awarded when the dog was more than twelve months of age.


red pawprint.gif (875 bytes)  Stud Book Number . . .

The KC have a "Stud Book", listing registered names of dogs, their sex, colour, date of birth, owner, breeder & short pedigree.  However, there are certain criteria to be met before your dog can enter this stud book & thus gain their stud book number, assigned on entry.   Qualifications for entry of a 'show' Sheltie include any of the following:

Winning a CC or RCC

Winning a Junior Warrant

Winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an Open Class

Winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a Limit Class

(The above class wins must be in classes not subject to any limitations e.g. for colour, size. See classification for an explanation of how the classes are defined.)

Incidentally, "Stud Book" is not limited to dogs & bitches are included.


red pawprint.gif (875 bytes)  Junior Warrant Award . . .

The registered owner of a dog / bitch   should apply for a Junior Warrant (JW) provided the dog has met all of the following qualifications:

Obtained 25 points between the ages of 6 - 18 months

Obtained at least 12 points at Ch Shows where CC's are on offer for the breed

Obtained a minimum of 10 points obtained at Open Shows.

Points are awarded as follows:

  1. Three points for each first prize awarded in a breed class at a Ch Show where CC's are on offer for the breed.

  2. One point for each first prize awarded in a breed class at an Open Show

  3. One point for the award of Best of Breed at an Open show - only availible to be claimed if no JW points were obtained by the dogs winning a breed class at that show.

JW points may only be claimed from one show per day with a separation of three clear days between qualifying shows.  The JW points may only be claimed for classes / awards with 3 or more dogs present for the breed.

The Title of "JW" is issued upon application for a suitably qualified dog and the dog may then use "JW" after their name on show entries and catalogues.


red pawprint.gif (875 bytes)Challenge Certificates & Reserve Challenge Certificates are awarded by the judge on the day of the show.  The judge then fills in the winning dog's registered name and signs the 'ticket'.

There are alternative qualifications for working / obedience / agility & field trial dogs etc.

These details are correct to the best of my knowledge - April 2001


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