Dotmusic 20 January 1997

3 Colours Red Say Touring With Marilyn Manson Was 'Rubbish'

3 Colours Red have launched a bitter attack on Marilyn Manson after supporting him in his European tour. The band went out on the road with the demonic one just before Christmas but it's an experience they say they never want to repeat.

Guitarist, Chris McCormack, told The Net it was the worst tour his band had ever done: "It was rubbish. We’ve done lots of tours and I love touring, apart from that one. It’s just the way he treats you, y’know, you’re not allowed to do this, you’ve got a rule book of things that you can’t do and it’s just pathetic". He says they were even banned from the soundcheck: "You’re not allowed to watch him soundcheck or enter catering when he’s there. We’re not allowed to soundcheck. We have four lights to use. It’s just endless and by the end of it we were just worn out more than anything. We love playing and he kind of took that from us".

He says he hardly got to speak to Manson: "I think I said one word to him. I said a lot ABOUT him. It got a bit scary - the last night was a bit full-on. I think we kind of upset them a bit and we nearly came to blows, but I think they’re all mouth, really".


3 Colours Red have just released their latest single, ‘Beautiful Day’, and are about to embark on a tour of the UK and Ireland. Chris says they then intend to try to crack the USA: "We wanna be there for half a year, I think. I think the secret is not to stop, really, just keep working. I’ve heard nightmare stories about it but it’s always what I’ve wanted to do so I’ve got to try it at least a few times". And he says touring in the States will be a good experience: "Touring, anyway is for me all part of being in a band and doing it in America’s gonna probably change that, ‘coz I’ve heard it’s a slog, but I’ve gotta try it at least once".

‘Beautiful Day’ is out this week and is from 3 Colours Red’s second album, ‘Revolt’, which is released in February.

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