Pure-UK CD Album

Release Date : 12 th May 1997

Catalogue No : CRECD208

Record Label : Creation

Tracks :
1. Pure*
2. This Is My Hollywood
3. Nerve Gas
4. Nuclear Holiday
5. Copper Girl*
6. Sixty Mile Smile
7. Sunny In England
8.Alright Ma
9. Mental Blocks
10. Fit Boy + Faint Girl*
11. Halfway Up The Downs*
12. Hateslick
13. Love's Cradle
14. Aniseed

Notes :
All songs written by McCormack/Vuckovic except* written by Vuckovic.
All songs Copyright Control.

Keith Baxter - Drums
Ben Harding - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Chris McCormack - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Pete Vuckovic - Bass & Lead Vocals

Recorded & Mixed at Livingston Studio's, London
Engineered by Jon Mallison
Assisted by Simon Burwell
Produced by Terry Thomas
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

Sleeve Photo: c Rudie H. Kmiter/ Oxford Scientific Films
Additional Photography: Craig Barritt
Band Shots: Steve Double
Sleeve Design & Layout: Toby Egelrick & 3 Colours Red

With Special Thanks To: Charlie Barret (Wayne Kerr) Steve "Liverlips" Brown, Callum Bullmen, Diamond Dave, Spunky Duncey, Emma Lope, Sharm "Full-On" Fulton, Fi, Steve "just like that" Gadd, Graham at Barness & Mullins, Kle, Dr. Angus Lewis at St. Mary's Hospital, Sorcha Macdonald, Jon Mallison, Jim "Less is" Morewood, jonaton Morris, Dean, Lisa Pamlon, Russell Roberts, Andy Scarth, Tez Toz (for the insight) Gina Walters, Lisa Walters, Simon "Fierce beanie" Williams, Lee Worsley at Premier, everyone at Plant Rock (every Wednesday) & all at Creation for having the guts!!
A&R: David Bagnell
Management: t2
for Daniel...

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