Revolt -UK CD Album  Chart position -??

Release Date : 8th February 1999

Catalogue No : CRECD227

Record Label : Creation

Tracks :
1. Paralyse
2. Pirouette
3. Beautiful Day
4. Cancel The Exhibition
5. Intermission
6. Song On The Radio
7. Paranoid People
8. Back To The City
9. This Is My Time
10. Be Myself
11. Calling To The Outside
12. Age Of Madness

Notes : Includes the hit single 'Beautiful Day'

Pete Vuckovic  Chris McCormack  Ben Harding  Keith Baxter

Published by EMI music publishing
All tracks produced by Dave Eringa, except track 11; produced by John Smith
All tracks mixed by Chris Sheldon at The Church

Violin on tracks 3 & 9 by Sally Herbert & Anne Stephenson
Viola on tracks 3 & 9 by Gnin Ball, Claire Orsler & Jocelyn Pook
Cello on tracks 3 & 9 by Dinah Beamish
Saxophone on track 4 by Dave Bishop
Subliminal noises by Dave Eringa

Front inage by Sharon Elphick.  Desing by Simon Corkin
CD label shot taken at Speackers Corner by Antony Hooper.  Back inlay image taken by Steve Gullick

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