This Is My Hollywood-UK CD Single.  Chart position -

Release Date : 1996

Catalogue No : NING 17CD

Record Label : Fierce Panda

Tracks :
1. This Is My Hollywood  
2. Hate Slick  
3. Pure

Notes : First ever release
All songs by Mack/Vuck.
Contact: Fierce Panda Records PO Box 7337 London N1 9NS.  Made In England 1996.
'Bonsoir.  Ton vehicule n'a pas..

LESSON TEN: Marvellous, isn't it?  The front of this here NING depicts a charming rural scene feturing a graveyard and, in the disatance, the thrilling sight of Amerikkka's notorious Three Mile Island power station.  The back of this here NING depicts a burnt-out scooter - from bally old Britpop to bally old Britpopped-it's-clogs in one foul swoop.  So, which Hollywood do you prefer? The rockin', rollin' variety, of course; the one with the starey eyes and the gritted teeth; the one with the head held high and the hooklines ready to fly; the one with the hell-for-leather, smell-the-weather attitood, the size ten basslines and the immaculate seventeen-part harmonies.  Rather like your friends and mine, ladies and gennulmungous...Three Colours Red!  Other crappo indie bands for goalposts!  Marvellous, isn't it?

CD Single / 7" Single