Sixty Mile Smile Following hot on the heels of their debut single 'Nuclear Holiday' which charted at No.22, this is the new single from 3 Colours Red. It is taken from the band's debut Creation album Pure. The band have recently finished the NME Bratbus Tour and will start out on their own headline tour on the 6th of March. "You're not/I am/Is this too much to understand?" - 'This Is My Hollywood', 1996. A simple statement, but one which perfectly sums up the 3 Colours Red credo. You can: (a) play in a band and do your best, or (b) play in the band and be the best. Needless to say, (a) was never even fleetingly an option. They want to be huge, so they will be huge, and the rest of us can only watch helplessly as they spiral dizzyingly towards worldwide acceptance right across the board. 'This Is My Hollywood', released as a limited edition independent single in early 1996, was the first blast of fresh-faced ambition from a band determined to do it the only way: their own way. "Hollywood is a fucking slum, shrugs McCormack, the fast-talking, speak-as-he-finds, hyperhead Geordie who could persuade The Pope, to renounce Catholicism.'But is always seen as glamorous and where you go to 'make it'. Well, I don't need that. I've got this." Before securing that vital, elusive chemistry, the members walked various paths. Vuckovic, disillusioned by shoddy treatment at the hands of Diamond Head, and still deeply traumatised by the memory of singer Sean Harris dressed as the Grim Reaper before thousands, spent three years cooped up in his Stourbridge flat, watching TV and strumming a guitar. "He's come out of his shell a lot since then," vouches McCormack. "At first, he wouldn't speak, because he was so skint and pissed off. So it probably didn't help when I told him his songs were shite..." Naturally, McCormack jests. The duo wrote some songs together, and they were amazing. Ex-Senseless Thing Ben Herding and drummer Keith Baxter leapt on board like some kind of superheroes of rock, and the manifesto was quickly decided. lt has always been pure enough. "We, want this band to crossover to any person anywhere," buzzes McCormack. "A lot of bands say that but they don't follow it through. We'll be coming out with some great songs in all sorts of different styles." Curious? Who wouldn't be? This indefinable 3 Colours Red noise is characterized by great snot-streaked volleys of punk, pop, rock, metal and anything that sounds good at the time. It was honed to a fine edge during a frighteningly purposeful '96. There have been countless sweat-splattered, gut-punching live shows, and this is only the beginning. Even before prestigiously signing to the Creation label, the four-piece knew what they wanted and they knew how to get it. Opening for The Sex Pistols at London's Finsbury Park reunion on June 23 came about primarily because McCormack had played guitar on Glen Matlock's solo album. Other unsigned bands have mumbled about "connections" from behind their jumper sleeves, but 3 Colours Red unequivocally proved themselves superior on the day. Hordes of early afternoon sunbathers had their mohicans/executive fringes blown back by an arrogant barrage of instant gems. Mopping fevered brows, Creation topped a noisy bidding war to usher the Red boys into their care. Incidentally, while 3 Colours Red operate in a different sphere to Oasis, there is a certain similarity in terms of attitude and rock 'n' roll behaviour. Certainly, put Pete and Chris in a pub with the Gallagher brothers, and it's hard to say who would be spouting the most cocky shite, come closing time. August saw 3 Colours Red attempt to drink their first bars dry in America, when they hit the Big Apple for a Creation showcase, with Super Furry Animals and Heavy Stereo. Many a Manhattan-ite, swaggered away impressed, many a beer was sunk, and many a road sign was pronounced as "Divven't wark" by McCormack. Not ones for procrastination, the band had already captured their debut LP, on a master tape, where it waits and seethes and knows the days are numbered before it rules this miserable microbe of a planet. It is, quite simply, biding its time. 'Nuclear Holiday' is the first shard to escape the big picture, and if this glorious explosion of mutated, sneering punk-pop can't raise your spirits, then neither will winning the Lottery. The expression "I need a holiday" may not immediately strike you as a likely shower-anthem, but press 'play'. In two minutes and fifty-nine seconds, it will. Oh yes. "I'm in the best band in the, world." grins McCormack, never a man to hedge his bets. "And if that sounds arrogant, then I'm fucking arrogant! All the bands happening in America are like us, but not as good. Simple as that. They haven't got our songs and the way we are." Let 3 Colours Red's fat-free vision uplift you, inspire you, and maybe even cheekily tweak your moustache if you own one. Join a growing army of insiders. They're going to be massive. Better Red than ... anything in fact. JASON ARNOPP- DECEMBER 1996 Although Three Colours Red have been together for about a two years vocalist Pete Vukovic and guitarist Chris McCormack actually wrote songs together for two months before they met! Pete lived in Birmingham while Chris had relocated from his native North East London and this geographical gap forced the two, who had been put in touch with each other by a mutual friend, to send tapes and ideas to each other by post. Eventually they met face to face and the rapport between them was so good they decided to form a band. They got Keith Baxter in on drums and started to rehearse. They were very quickly ready to gig but felt they needed a second guitarist to augment their sound and add to the harmonies which have become such a distinctive feature of the band's individual style. Ben Harding, ex Senseless Things, was the man for the job and the line up was complete. Before the band's first gig a demo was recorded (Ben and Pete actually met for the first time at this session) featuring the tracks 'Pure', 'This Is My Hollywood' and 'Sunny In England' which have since surfaced on the band's only release to date, a single released on respected indie Fierce Panda Records (as an aside I could mention that a rather classy video was shot to go with this single but very few people have seen it because Chris lost the master copy whilst on a Pub crawl in Camden). The band have spent 1996 writing songs and building a formidable live following through relentless touring.

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