Other Sites:

Ric's 3CR site : just recently went up, a nice bit of healthy competiton, anyway a must site to check out all the usall stuff and more.

www.creation.co.uk : The 'home' of 3CR and the other bands, someone called Oasis (are they new?), anyway new and re-vamped, with a great looking 3CR section whith loads of news, a shop, where you can get most of their back catalouge and other stuff ,go now, do you hear?


Sisterray Records : Buy your 3cr back cat from sisterray, with a massive cat with loads of other bands.

Discography : A discography, part off a site with loads of other bands.

www.fwwt.com : Find out about all the latest tours.

www.angloplugging.co.uk : 'Pluggers' for 3cr and loads of other bands, with releases and news.

Aloud.com Buy 3CR tickets on-line from Aloud.