3 Colours Red came on stage at around 10pm, which not many people where happy about because Cay left the stage at 9.15. and in Newcastle they get impatient pretty quick, probablies coz no good bands play here that often. They kick the set off with new song “Song on the Radio” the crowd goes mental and many could mistake it for an old favourite rather than a newie. They play a reasonable mix from both their first album and new “revolt” album. A few songs in Pete complains “it’s too fucking hot” and removes his shirt only to be greeted by a “You fat bastard” chant. They play almost an hour set with crowd surfers including Danny McCormack (ex-Wildhearts, now YoYo’s) who is of course Chris’s brother. They play an encore consisting of “pure”, “this is my hollywood” before blasting away the crowd with “paralyse”.
The band bids the crowd goodnight, and as they are leaving, Chris runs back on stage, much to the others surprise. “How about one more just for you?”, he shouted, “this is your last chance to go fucking mental!” Before starting to play the intro to Marilyn Manson’s favourite cover of “Anarchy in the UK” The crowd took his advice and went mental, the security were overridden by crowd surfers.  This is the only gig on their UK tour (as far as I know) that they played “Anarchy…” because Mr. Manson forbid them. But as Chris said, “This isn’t Glasgow, Wolverhampton or Sheffield, it’s fucking Newcastle!”

Thanks to Kevin Morris for this review, nice one.