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26/09/99 ..... After 4 years and 2 albums we have decided, with regret, to part company. Whilst we realise that ‘musical differences’ is the oldest cliche in the book in this case it is true. For some time now we have been pulling in different directions musically and rather than make an album that we don’t all believe in we have come to the conclusion that it is best to call it a day. Our forthcoming shows at The Reading/Leeds festival on the 28th and 29th August will still take place but they will , however, be our farewell performances. We would like to thank all the people who have supported us over the years especially our fans.

Pete Vuckovic, Chris McCormack, Keith Baxter, Ben Harding - 3 Colours Red

Bad news I know, shame there not releasing INTERMISSION, and then splitting like I wanted, but at least there doing a couple of gigs to finish on a high, so if your going (i'm not) make sure you go wild!!!  Do you hear.  Anyway, as the band are no more, the same will go for this site, i'm glad I did it and i'm very proud of what it turned out as, as when I started it was crap, and turned out to be a half decent site.  Picking 3CR as the subject was not a hard choice, as most of you will know, they really rocked.  The timing was good too, as again most of you will know the site lost it's steam a few months ago, well BD and TIMT, are not quite the tracks a band like 3CR should do, more like creation getting on there backs and the band giving in to the prospect of selling a few more records, to make a few more bucks.  Anyway enough of me and time for the thanks:

The Band 3 Colours Red.
Everyone who gave my site a visit, respect due.
Special thanks to anyone who e:mailed me about the site, left a message or anything like that.  Cheers
Ric for a lot of help with the site, and general chat about the band, o and his site which was o.k.  :)
Thanks to my best mate David who did fuck all (really, he's a lazy bastard) but he was into the band to so all is forgiven, and thanks to going to the gigs with me we had some good times, seeing one of the best live bands around, I hope you did too.

25/04/99 ..... 3 Colours Red will be taking part in the MTV Five Night Stand, along will a load of other bands, they will be playing on friday 14 of May.  The event takes place over five days, Sunday 9th to friday the 14th, with 3 bands on each night.  It takes place at the Shepherds Bush Empire, london.  Tikets are £13 and it will be shown on MTV from May 17th to the 23rd, at 11am and 7pm.  Not sure how much of the gig will be shown with 3CR being the 'support' to Reef. See MTV's web site for more info.

26/03/99 ..... Hi, right, to start with the new single 'This Is my Time', the other 'slow' one of the album, is not being released untill May, which I think is a bit of a mistake, as poeple in the music industry seem to have very short memories, and with this long a gap i'm sure this carn't be as big as beautiful, although if the same leanghs are gone to promote the single, who knows?  As for promotion it's all ready started as 'The Box' has the video on there list, so look out for that (if it gets played).  The track listing if you didn't know is as follows:

1. This Is My Time
2. All The Fun Of The Unfair
3. If

1. This Is My Time
3. Everything

1. This Is My Time
2. Paranoid People (Demo).

A few suprise gigs have been arranged around the time of the release, they will be headlining the Evening Session tour in
May. The dates are as follows:

Tue 11 CARDIFF University
Wed 12 BIRMINGHAM Irish Centre
Thu 13 MANCHESTER University
Sun 16 SHEFFIELD Foundry
**Mon 17 PORTSMOUTH Pyramid Centre

** to be broadcasted live on Radio One's Lamacq Live show

Support: Muse and The Donnas

Details on how to get tickets to follow but i guess it will be from R1, so check the website or give um a phone.

One last thing, a chance to 'chat' with the band, o yes on Thursday, April 1st at 3:00pm (Pacific Standard Time) 3 Colours Red will be chatting on LAUNCH live! To get to the chat simply point your browser to and then click on the "go chat" button (in the blue on the left side) to enter the chat room. You'll have to register to join the chat, but don't worry! It's FREE and only takes a few moments to join. Can you please post the chat event on your website? The more people who join us, the more fun we'll have. Tell your friends, and we hope to see you there!  And finally, some european dates added.

21/02/99 ..... Just to let you know if you don't already 'Revolt' charted at 17, which again, repeats the poor placing for the last album, but i am sure they will come back with a even better next album.  Thanks to PAUL, for sending me a set list for the Liverpool gig, so if you wanted to know what songs they will be playing when you go to see them, well now you have a rough idea.  Plus he very kindly sent me a nice scan of his signed ticket, very good, a big thanks.

Song on radio
Nuclear Holiday
Paranoid People
Sixty Mile Smile
This Is My Hollywood
Cancel The Exhibition
Mental Blocks
This Is My Time

encored with
Beautiful Day

13/02/99 ..... It looks like Pete Vuckovic was 'missing' from a few, of the signings, including the B'ham, one which I was at, hope it's nothing too serious, and he gets better soon, or whatever.  The new tour is starting soon (15th liverpool), with a couple of date sold out, so don't leave it to late!

30/01/99 ..... O yes news I almost forgot, 3 Colours Red second album 'REVOLT' will be in the shops on Monday the 8th of February 1999.  Tracks as follows:
Paralyse, Pirouette, Beautiful Day, Cancel The Exhibition, Intermission, Song On The Radio, Paranoid People, Back To The City, This Is My Time, Be Myself, Callling To The Outside, Age Of Madness.
All so as an extra insentive to buy, there will be a very special limited edition CD Rom version of the album which will include the video for 'Beautiful Day' and an exclusive 3 Colours Red screensaver.
Tour news and CAY will be doing the tricky task of supporting 3CR, if anyone as any info, or anything then leave a message on the board.
Creation have announced that they require 100 3CR fans to appear in the video for the next single. The video will be made in London on Wednesday, 3rd February. If you are interested, you can get more info from Debbie Hamilton on 0171 494 2226 on Thursday 28th January between 10am and 6pm.
One last thing Radio 1 is the station to listern to this week, with a new session from the boys, which will be streached all week.

16/01/99 ..... Hi i'm back after a little break, which was party due problems with my shite computer, anyway i've sorted out the problems and are back, for more updates, and news.  There should be loads of 'press' around, before and during the release of Revolt, so keep your eyes open, and look for any music shows, music papers, magazines, and of course the internet.  Also Radio 1's Evening Session will be having a brand new session in a week or so, with a interview with the lads on thursday this week along with more album tracks, so look (listen) out for that.

3 Colours Red's second album, Revolt, will be released on February 8 through Creation.  A Limited-edition CD-ROM version will feature the video for the current single 'Beautiful Day' and an exclusive 3 Colours Red screensaver.

To promote the release of Revolt the band will be taking to the road and visiting various stores around the county, being nice blokes and signing copies of the album:

February 8th:

1.00pm HMV GLASGOW, Argyle St
4.00pm Virgin EDINBURGH

4.00pm Virgin LEEDS

1.00pm Omega ALTRINCHAM (*NOTE: this has changed from Piccadilly Records )
4.00pm Virgin BIRMINGHAM

4.00pm Jays CAMBRIDGE

And yes I almost forgot a new message left by Chris McCormack:

Its my first message on the internet ! Thanks for all your
support and work on this site which is great. See you on tour,
make sure you come and say hello.



19/12/98 ..... Just to comfirm all the details of the new single 'Beautiful Day'.  (CRE  308)
11 Jan 99
Includes 2 brand new tracks ('God Shape Hole', 'A fine Time For It')

Includes 1 new track ('I Want You') & Junkie XL Mix of ''Paralyse

Includes acoustic version of  'Beautiful Day'

18 Jan 99
7" Limited Numbered
Includes acoustic version of  'Beautiful Day'

13/12/98 ..... Well the little bits of news have built up into a size big enough to make an appearance on the news page, so here trying to 'link' them all into one piece on news, o sorry, the news.  Right the biggest first (getting there) the major album Tour dates have surfaced, so of course go buy your tickets now, or when they go on sale, which should be this week I would guess.  Also on sale soon (that's a close one) is the new single as you know Beautiful Day, which looks like its back to the 2 CD days of old, so there are still more new tracks to come, apart from the ones on the promo, one of these is a remix of Paralyse (hmm) so that should be really good yes.  Plus BD (as i will sometimes refer to it) is the first Creation release of the new year so they might make an effort to get it top 40.  And with that I move on to Creation with more ease that surfing on vassalean, the web site is back and looking better than ever, check out the links page for more.  And finally (I think) just to boast I got my dirty little paws on the album sampler (will appear in discography very soonish) and it's looking good for the new album, should shit loads better than 'Pure', so that's extreamly good then?  One last thing it seems BD is on the B-playlist at Radio 1, which is hard to believe, some strings must have been pulled by Creation, so if any one hears it on anything apart from the Evening Session then please put it up on the message board, as this is rare 3CR in the day, on Radio, what's the world coming to?