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21/02/99 ..... Just to let you know if you don't already 'Revolt' charted at 17, which again, repeats the poor placing for the last album, but i am sure they will come back with a even better next album.  Thanks to PAUL, for sending me a set list for the Liverpool gig, so if you wanted to know what songs they will be playing when you go to see them, well now you have a rough idea.  Plus he very kindly sent me a nice scan of his signed ticket, very good, a big thanks.

Song on radio
Nuclear Holiday
Paranoid People
Sixty Mile Smile
This Is My Hollywood
Cancel The Exhibition
Mental Blocks
This Is My Time

encored with
Beautiful Day

13/02/99 ..... It looks like Pete Vuckovic was 'missing' from a few, of the signings, including the B'ham, one which I was at, hope it's nothing too serious, and he gets better soon, or whatever.  The new tour is starting soon (15th liverpool), with a couple of date sold out, so don't leave it to late!

30/01/99 ..... O yes news I almost forgot, 3 Colours Red second album 'REVOLT' will be in the shops on Monday the 8th of February 1999.  Tracks as follows:
Paralyse, Pirouette, Beautiful Day, Cancel The Exhibition, Intermission, Song On The Radio, Paranoid People, Back To The City, This Is My Time, Be Myself, Callling To The Outside, Age Of Madness.
All so as an extra insentive to buy, there will be a very special limited edition CD Rom version of the album which will include the video for 'Beautiful Day' and an exclusive 3 Colours Red screensaver.
Tour news and CAY will be doing the tricky task of supporting 3CR, if anyone as any info, or anything then leave a message on the board.
Creation have announced that they require 100 3CR fans to appear in the video for the next single. The video will be made in London on Wednesday, 3rd February. If you are interested, you can get more info from Debbie Hamilton on 0171 494 2226 on Thursday 28th January between 10am and 6pm.
One last thing Radio 1 is the station to listern to this week, with a new session from the boys, which will be streached all week.

16/01/99 ..... Hi i'm back after a little break, which was party due problems with my shite computer, anyway i've sorted out the problems and are back, for more updates, and news.  There should be loads of 'press' around, before and during the release of Revolt, so keep your eyes open, and look for any music shows, music papers, magazines, and of course the internet.  Also Radio 1's Evening Session will be having a brand new session in a week or so, with a interview with the lads on thursday this week along with more album tracks, so look (listen) out for that.

3 Colours Red's second album, Revolt, will be released on February 8 through Creation.  A Limited-edition CD-ROM version will feature the video for the current single 'Beautiful Day' and an exclusive 3 Colours Red screensaver.

To promote the release of Revolt the band will be taking to the road and visiting various stores around the county, being nice blokes and signing copies of the album:

February 8th:

1.00pm HMV GLASGOW, Argyle St
4.00pm Virgin EDINBURGH

4.00pm Virgin LEEDS

1.00pm Omega ALTRINCHAM (*NOTE: this has changed from Piccadilly Records )
4.00pm Virgin BIRMINGHAM

4.00pm Jays CAMBRIDGE

And yes I almost forgot a new message left by Chris McCormack:

Its my first message on the internet ! Thanks for all your
support and work on this site which is great. See you on tour,
make sure you come and say hello.



19/12/98 ..... Just to comfirm all the details of the new single 'Beautiful Day'.
11 Jan 99
Includes 2 brand new tracks ('God Shape Hole', 'A fine Time For It')

Includes 1 new track ('I Want You') & Junkie XL Mix of 'Paralyse

Includes acoustic version of 'Beautiful Day'

18 Jan 99
7" Limited Numbered
Includes acoustic version of 'Beautiful Day'

13/12/98 ..... Well the little bits of news have built up into a size big enough to make an appearance on the news page, so here trying to 'link' them all into one piece on news, o sorry, the news.  Right the biggest first (getting there) the major album Tour dates have surfaced, so of course go buy your tickets now, or when they go on sale, which should be this week I would guess.  Also on sale soon (that's a close one) is the new single as you know Beautiful Day, which looks like its back to the 2 CD days of old, so there are still more new tracks to come, apart from the ones on the promo, one of these is a remix of Paralyse (hmm) so that should be really good yes.  Plus BD (as i will sometimes refer to it) is the first Creation release of the new year so they might make an effort to get it top 40.  And with that I move on to Creation with more ease that surfing on vassalean, the web site is back and looking better than ever, check out the links page for more.  And finally (I think) just to boast I got my dirty little paws on the album sampler(will appear in discography very soonish) and it's looking good for the new album, should shit loads better than 'Pure', so that's extreamly good then?  One last thing it seems BD is on the B-playlist at Radio 1, which is hard to believe, some strings must have been pulled by Creation, so if any one hears it on anything apart from the Evening Session then please put it up on the message board, as this is rare 3CR in the day, on Radio, what's the world coming to?

28/11/98 ..... The dates for 3 Colours Red new European tour in December(support for Marilyn Manson)can be found in the Tour bit, which includes a support slot for Marilyn Manson (big time?!?!) at 'his' one of British gig at the Brixton Academy (sold out).  God nows about getting the tickets, but anyway the dates look good on there own.  And if any one happens to be 'in town' at one of the dates then your v.lucky!

21/11/98 ..... It's all over!  well it is for the mp3's anyway, yes all those files, yes the ones that where downloaded onto computers all around the world, and gave enjoyment to all that listened.  Yes after getting an e:mail from Creation which reminded me about the copyright laws etc........anyway the point being is that I am breaking the law so removal will be prompt, as court action does not sound like fun.  So i will be deleting all of them on Sunday night(not giving you the chance to download them if you haven't all ready of course). I will have the job of  marching all of them to there death, in a line, walking behind me so i don't have to look at there distraught and helpless faces, and will efficiently put them down.  I will see to it that no none of them suffer it will be a quite 'death'.  (and yes the real audio that links to ric's site will also become extinct.

20/11/98 ..... Those of you who turned on to the JD show last night found 3 Colours Red playing Paralyse, not BD as i had guessed, anyhow's they only mimed, and didn't do that bad really, only that one of Ben's strings broke, half way through, anyway, I am sure millions where watching (not) and will go buy all there records.

08/11/98 ..... A new 3CR site for you, go check it out its new so still loads more stuff to be added i'm sure, o and he let me link to his real audio stuff.  Ric's 3CR site

07/11/98 ..... The day after.......I went along to the 3CR gig at wolverhampton last night, and it was excellent.  I will be putting up a review hopefully, in the live section but any way just thought i would let people know how good it was and that they were on top form as i am sure you would know if you have been/going to any of the other gigs, anyway that's about it.  (make sure you get down the front!)

05/11/98 ..... Just a little note to say that the Sound City gig which was broadcast on radio 1 was v.good and if any one missed it then i will be happy to do a copy for you on tape,  all you have to do is send a blank tape to me (e:mail me for more info).

24/10/98 ..... Should be major updates in the next week or so but until then i 've got the mp3 for the other 3 songs of the EP, before it hits the shops (i know, don't thank me)but remember go buy it!
Throwing The World Away

Say Something

Room With A View

14/10/98 ..... New date added for the tour go take a look. O and the Leicester gig should be a special occasion as it'll mark the re-opening of the Princess Charlotte following its recent refurbishment.(If your interested).  Also in this Wednesdays NME 3CR will be on the free special Radio 1 Sound City CD not sure what track but 'special tracks' is used so who knows.  Finally check out Kerrang for a interview with Pete(i think) all next Wednesday.

08/10/98 ..... This morning a brown envelope fell through the door, but hey enough of my illegal hardcore porn trading direct from Japan(joke) it was the second one with Creation on it that's important now.  Yes the promo card for the new single and tour(bit premature).  It went as follows:
3 Colours Red's debut album 'Pure' spawned 5 top forty hits, and a string of high profile tours established them as a killer live act with some of the best tunes around in '97.  Then they locked themselves away in various studios to record their follow up album.
Paralyse is the 4 track EP to preceed this album.  Unleashed on October 26th - It's a snarling beast of a record that spotlights a band totally at one with their sound, and captures 4 men at the peak of their musical powers.  It's trademark 3 Colours Red - With furious guitars and an amazing sense of melody in full effect.
The band release this brand new 4 track EP with their fans and only their fans in mind, (in fact due to chart rules 4 tracks mean it won't even appear in the charts) it will be available on CD and Limited Edition 7" both include the 4 tracks:
Throwing The World Away
Say Something
Room With A View.

07/10/98 ..... Shock Horror 3 Colours Red appear in music publication other than Kerrang!  Yes 3CR 'in' NME shocker, yes and its not 'Public NME' which they seem to be in every week.  Anyway to the news.
Three Colours Red release a new single 'Paralyse' on October 26.  However, under new rules, it will not be eligible for the charts as it is part of a four-track EP.
The Chart Information Network, who compile the national singles charts, brought in new rules in June this year effectively banning any single if it featured more than three tracks.
CIN claim they introduced the new rules in because bands were complaining it was too much work to keep up with the increasing demand for extra tracks on each new release.
Lead singer Pete Vuckovic told NME they were deliberately flouting the rules because they wanted to "do their own thing" and give the fans more.
Vuckovic said: "Fans are going to get four new songs.  The alternative was a single.  There's no law that says we have to play the chart game every time.  Chart success may be a necessary evil, but personally, I couldn't give a fuck.  Next year i'm sure we'll be going for some chart action, but in the meantime we're just doing our own thing.
The other tracks featured on the EP are 'Throwing The World Away', 'Say Something' and 'Room With A View'.
The Band's second album, 'Re-Volt', is scheduled for release in February 1999.   A major UK tour is being planned around the release of the new album.
Vuckovic said he hoped the new album would dispel some people's misconceptions of the band.  "We've all taken a step back and looked at what's going on," he said.  "The way we've been perceived in the past couple of years is not what i'd like.  Like the punk aspect.  I mean, punk in my mind happened in 1977.  It's not relevant to what we're doing now."

Llama Farmers and Cyclefly(London only) supporting.

29/09/98 ..... Just got hold of the promo of  'Paralyse' and it's great, anyway I should have a mp3 uploaded by the time you are reading this.

21/09/98 ..... The new single was 'premiered' on the Evening Session today (Monday) unfortunately I was on my way to the Manic Street Preachers gig at Stoke and missed it, but if anyone did hear it then It would be great if you could let me have some info about it which I can put up, plus I don't think it will be getting a lot of air play, so if it ain't in the day god knows when I will hear it, as I don't have a chance to listen to the Evening Session, never mind.

20/09/98 ..... 3 Colours Red will be taking part in this years soundcity which is happening in Newcastle.  They will be playing on October 27th and should be broadcast on Radio 1.  See the R1 website for more details.

03/09/98 ..... Single news.  3 Colours Red will release their new single 'Paralyse' on October 26.  Chris says it's very a heavy taster for their new album.  "It has big stomping riffs and is a lot heavier than anything we've done before."
Paralyse was produced by Chris Sheldon, who also did the honours on the band's forthcoming second album.  There will be three tracks on the single, all produced by the band themselves.
"We just went into a little demo studio and recorded the songs - 'Throwing The World Away', 'Say Something' and A Room With A View' - live, we did six songs in two days, with the others being held for the future use."
The single will not get into the charts, "It's got too many tracks on it to count as a single, so our real shot at a hit will be in January with our next single."

01/09/98 ..... "We can't wait to get out on the road again" says Chris McCormack.  "It's been a year since we played, apart from one show recently in Sweden , and that's far too long.  I got into a band because I love being one the road-that's what I live for.  In fact, that's what all of the band live for.  We're fed up with being stuck in the studio.  If I see another recording studio right now, I think I'll scream!  It's been torture being stuck in a studio and not being able to get out and play, because that's when we are at our best.  So you can bet we're right up for this tour!"
"We don't want to play too many new songs because people won't have heard any of this stuff before .  But we will put in about three or four new tracks.  This will be the first time we'll have actually played these songs live anywhere, so our UK fans will be getting a real exclusive!"
"We can't say who it'll be right now but the chances are they'll be a British band."

27/08/98 ..... Chris is supposed to go on tour with the WiLDHEARTS as the second guitarist. They're slated to tour Japan and may possibly do a couple of UK gigs. It's only temporary as Ginger has said that the WH's aren't going to be getting back together to do new material for the time being anyway.  Thanks to Stone Cold for this news, so don't blame me if it turns out to be untrue or whatever.

17/08/98...... 3 Colours Red featured on 'The Net' on Radio 1 today around 1:20pm didn't manage to record it but it was just about the new album/single, and a bit about the tour.  Of course Pete Vuckovic and Chris McCormack, where saying how great it was, and how about they have moved on loads with there music, with more variation. Now the single Paralyse which they are calling an E.P for some reason hopefully because there will be more than there normal 3 tracks.  Also they hinted that there could be a couple of surprise gigs in the London area so look out, 3CR are coming!
Just found the interview on the Radio 1 web site(hope they don't mind me nicking it) so to save you the trip and i am sure it wont be around for long, oh and I nicked a new pic.  Hey I think I did a good job only hearing it once.

"3 Colours Red have just finished work on their second album, due for release on Creation early next year, and it will be preceded by the Paralysed EP in October. Singer Pete and guitarist Chris told The Net that they re very excited by the new record: "We ve moved on a hell of a lot on this album, I think we ll shock a few people. We re so much bigger and so much further on than we were last year. One minute, you ve got the biggest, heaviest riff you ll ever hear, and the next minute, it s got strings in it and stuff. We got the new CD yesterday, and it's brilliant! It s great to hear the mastered copy with each song in order."
The band also said they are planning some surprise shows around London over the next few months."

16/08/98 ..... Second live show:  6th November Wolverhampton Wulfrum Hall  £7.

09/08/98 ..... Live show at last, only one at the mo i think, by the time it comes around bound there will be loads more (i hope not living in London):  3 Colours red  12th November  London  Astoria II.

07/08/98 ..... News, news, news.  Message left by Ben Harding, yes Ben from 3CR.  Check out the message board, for full message, or below.  Speaks for itself really.....


Most flattered to find such a dedicated indie site. This is Ben from the band, and I thought I'd better let you know what our plans are... We've been working in Wales and London on the new album, with Dave Eringa (Manics) and Chris Sheldon (Foos). First single 'Paralyse' out October. Second single, probably 'Beautiful Day' out early '99. Album (as yet untitled) out soon after that. Album tracks include 'Age of Madness' (fearsome rocker) , 'Cancel the Exhibition' and 'Pirouette', (acerbic pop) and 'Intermission' and 'Paranoid People' (psychedelic post-rock).
Live plans: nothing confirmed as yet, but planning to be in your town October/November.
Change of management: we are no longer represented by T2 management (Janus Stark). We are now with Deceptive management.
See you down the front.
Ben Harding.
With my neighbour (his e-mail), Ben."

26/04/98 ..... Album news.  "We want this album to sound fucking great",  "Massive! The first album had good songs but it just didn't sound massive enough.."  Chris McCormack lets us know 3 Colours Reds plans for there next album.  There are in Sussex 'laying down' the follow-up to 'Pure'.  The 11 tracks recorded so far by 3 Colours Red and producer Dave Eringa (manics-Gold Against The Soul) are:'INTERMISSION' 'PIROUETTE' 'AGE OF MADNESS' 'BEAUTIFUL DAY' 'SONG ON THE RADIO' 'THIS IS MY TIME' 'CANCEL THE EXHIBITION' 'GOD-SHAPED HOLE' 'PARALYSE' 'BE MYSELF' and 'PARANOIND PEOPLE'.  "We want to have 18 songs and pick the tracks out" Chris.

18/04/98 ..... 3 Colours Red confirmed for this year's Phoenix Festival.

16/02/97 ..... News on next album.  3 colours red have been in and out of the studio over the past few months, demoing new material.  In recent interviews have been saying they want to move away from there pop-punk origins and are trying to make a 'bigger sounding record' according to Pete Vuckovic. Brand new titles include INTERMISSION, 'a real riff song' (Pete), BEAUTIFUL DAY, an epic sounding 'sugary sweet ballad' formerly to be called BLUE, and SUNSHINE SLUTS.

02/02/98 ..... 3 Colours Red will be in next weeks Kerrang.

Starting from: 01/02/98 ..... Well all i can say is that they are going to be releasing a new album this year. And that chris wiped six tracks after a night out at the pub, which had been recorded at the studio in his house.