The extraordinary, indeed ultraordinary, 3 Colours Red soldier on for no other reason than that they might get there. If they didn't exist, it wouldn't he necessary to invent them. They've made it hard enough on themselves releasing a single called 'Beautiful Day' in the middle of January and this is hardly the sort of galvanising epic that makes you yearn to burst into the grey outdoors and fill your lungs with the damp. They try to pull out all the stops, dousing their efforts in generous amounts of symphonic brine and thrusting hard for some sense of climax but the effect is one of quantity rather than quality. Better than the last Oasis album, but that's really not saying much.

KKKKK (Single of the week)
Close your eyes and think about your first kiss - that butterflies-in-the-stomach nervousness evaporating in one blissful moment as a million synapses send tingles of pure ecstasy through heart, brain and groin.  Then think about lying besides the love of your life on a white sand beach at sunset, saying nothing, communicating everything with a smile (who the hell let Barbara Cartland in? - Ed).  Now add in weeping strings, guitars that shimmer and chiorboy-pure vocals, and you're approaching the glory of 3CR's new single.  A quantum leap forward from 'Pure', this is 3 Colours Red at their most anthemic; a titanic mix of dreams, desires and aspirations.  Truly gorgeous, totally majestic and genuinely moving.

BBC Text BackBeat.
What on Earth is going down on planet Red?
Just as the punk thing they've faithfully devoted their time to is about to explode into life, they've gone all soft on us. Beautiful Day is OK as far as soft stringy ballads go, and no doubt it will be their biggest success yet.  But who cares? Lavish us with noise and excitement once more-it's not wortth selling out for a few quid is it?  Well, OK, maybe it is.