If records were faces, this one would have several warts, a broken nose and the consistency of a welder's bench. Ugly, ugly rock, laden with lines like, "Lies/That paralyse/Don't step on me/Look at your skies" that outstrip even Cast in the nonsensical stakes. And with chorus that makes Bon Jovi sound sophisticated, this just feels like a desperate and undignified lunge at metal-indie crossover incapable of conjuring up nothing more glamorous than the image of Reading Festival when it's wet and miserable. Unlikely to 'Paralyse' anyone, except perhaps with sheer boredom.

Is it 3 Colours Red or is it Pantera? Loads of crunching rifts and shouting, and - oh yeah! - what a chorus. A cracking return from 3CR, taking an admirably fan-friendly, anti-corporate stance by putting put a four-track single, and therefore making it ineligible for a chart placing under the laws of England (or something). 'Paralyse' is a storming, fist-in-the-air terrace chant, while 'Say Something' veritably falls over itself in its rush to finish, before finding Pete Vuckovic coming over all restrained and meaningful in the middle. 'Throw The World Away' pinches the chorus from 'Nuclear Holiday' and, if we're being honest here, 'Room With A View' is a little bit "will this do?". Top stuff nonetheless. And who needs the fucking charts anyway?