Song Files

An index to everyish 3 Colours Red song:

Aniseed : Last track on Pure, with live version on the Sixty Mile Smile single.
Beautiful Day : Second single off Revolt, more chart friendly so a high chart position (and was indeed high, 11), and loads of interest.
Be Myself : Track off the new album found on free Sound City NME CD.
Fake Apology : B-side to Pure.
Hate Slick : Taken from first ever release on Fierce Panda, different version from album.
Human factory : B-side to Nuclear Holiday.
My Own Gauge : B-side to Nuclear Holiday.  Not bad.
Nerve Gas : Single that never was, released on 12" promo (first ever release on Creation) and live on Sixty Mile Smile single.
Nuclear Holiday : The debut single, highest chart placing for a Creation debut single, 22!  Yes higher than Oasis, etc.
Paralyse EP : First Single off Revolt, 4 track EP, no chart showing.
Pure : Taken first ever release on Fierce Panda, different version from single and album version.
Pure : Creation single and album track, rerecorded with a cool sound at the start.
Room With A View : B-side to Paralyse.
Say Something : B-side to Paralyse.
Sixty Mile Smile : Second Creation single.
This Is My Hollywood : First ever release on Fierce Panda, pretty rare, different version from re-release and album version.
Throwing The World Away : B-side to Paralyse.
Throughbreeze : B-side to Pure, one of the few b-sides still being played live.  Well the only one in most cases.
Til I'm Ready : B-side to Sixty Mile Smile, one of the stand out non-album tracks (well in my view anyway).
Zip The Morals : B-side to Sixty Mile Smile.