Lyrics - zip the morals

I will shine to one thing
Fake it, oh you're nothing
With nothing to wait for

Talks for days
Only talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
And someday you will have no guts to spill
Should be having fun

In, out
She's touched on something
That makes her
Zip away (today)

They rotate
But you're still spinning
Zip the morals and stay

His motives are paranormal
This uniform paints you so formal
All in the line of judgement
All in the line of judgement

You want to get out of this place
You want to get out of your face

In, out
She's lost in something
No greater understanding

You're so down
But standing up yeah
Zip the morals
Just what are morals anyway

I will speak
To get through
Though i hate what you stand for

In, out
The doors still open
So long since truth was spoken
What is it that keeps you happy
I'm already gone

I'm already gone
I'm miles away
I'm miles away

Need some time.

Thanks a lot to Josef for sending me these lyrics.  Josef (SpikeE)