Below is a list of Black Horse Westerns that form part of a series, along with the author's name and year of publication. Got a favourite character? See if they appear in other books.

Thanks to Pat Hawk for providing most of the information below.

The Series

JIM ALLISON series by Ben Bridges

Rattler Creek '95
Blood Canyon '96
Thunder Gorge '96


Arizona Blood Trail '81
Sonora Lode '81
Tamaulipas Guns '82
Severo Siege '83
Lobo Moon '83
Sierra Showdown '83
Throw of a Rope '84
Manhunt in Chihuahua '85
Return of Amarillo '86
Montana Mine '87
Saltillo Road '87
Long Gun War '88
Palomina Stud '88
Ghost Town Guns '90
Headed North '92
Matamoros Mission '93
Hangrope Journey '94
Bayou Gunsmoke '95
Yaqui Justice '97
Soledad '99
Apache Ransom 2000
Vulture Peak 2001

APACHERIA series by Carter West

Apacheria 2000
Lockwood's Law 2000
Kane's Quest 2000

LUKE BANNER series by Lance Howard

The Gallows Ghost '97
The Last Draw '99

BAR 10 series by Boyd Cassidy

Riders of the Bar 10 '99
Red Roan Rider 2000
Code of the Bar 10 2001
Blood on the Bar 10 2001
The Bar 10 Band 2003

DAN BONHAM series by Robert Dyer

The Revenge Trail '93
Blood Hunt '94

BRADY series by Wayne Gamble

The Other Brady '94
Brady's Law '95

Gold for Brady '96

JIM BRANDON & JOSHUA SLATE series by Mike Stotter

Tombstone Showdown '91
Tucson Justice '94

BUCKMASTER series by Tex Larrigan

Buckmaster '89
Buckmaster & the Cattle Lifters '90

NED BUTLER series by Bret Rey

Hold-up '88
Ned Butler - Bounty Hunter '88
Railroad Robbers '88

CHULO series by Wes Calhoun

Chulo '88
At Muerto Springs '89
Texas Nighthawks '90
Sierra Trail '93

RALPH COATES series by Bret Rey

Birth of a Gunman '85
Stranger in Town '87
Marshall Without a Badge '91

ASH COLTER series by Matt Logan

Gunsmoke Legend '93
Ride the High Lines '95
Storm in the Saddle '96

AMOS CROWLE series by Vic J. Hanson

Black Heart Crowle '78
Belles in an Empty Town '79
Guns of the Black heart '80
The Hands of Amos Crowle '81
Black heart's Bunch '82
Hardneck & Amos '82
The Greenhorn Days '83
The Law of Amos C. '85
Amos Lives '89
A Shroud for Amos '90
The Legend of Amos '91
A Deal for Amos '97

CULLEN & HYDE series by Gillian F. Taylor

Cullen's Quest 2000
Hyde's Honor 2001

SHERIFF DARROW series by Gillian F. Taylor

Darrow's Law '99
Darrow's Word 2001

DILLARD series by Chap O'Keefe

Shootout at Hellyer's Creek '94
The Gunman & the Actress '95
The Sandhill Shootings '95

DRIPSPRING series by Jerome Gardner

Gunman's Holiday '75
Dilemma at Dripspring '76
The Oldtimers '79
Confession at Dripspring '82
The Jayhawk Legacy '83
The Pitchman Healer '85
The Rawhide Redeemer '86
The Owlhoot Convention '88
Wide Open Town '90
Hot Gun '92
The Wishbook Wife '92
The High-Toned Hellion '92
The Saloonwoman '95

WILL FOREMAN series by Bret Rey

Runaway '90
Arizona Breakout '90

GHOST CREEK series by Del R. Doyle

Blood at Ghost Creek '94
Rustlers at Ghost Creek '94
Showdown at Ghost Creek '95
Ghost Creek Renegade '95

HOOKY GIBBS series by Paul Tully

The Horsing Blacksmith '85
The Jehovah's Jailbreak '87
The Bond Jumper '87
The Strychnine Standoff '88
A Tale of Three Bullets '90
Night-Hawk '91

HANGING JUDGE series by Jerome Gardner

The Hangman & the Ladies' league '84
The Blood-tie '84
The Hangman's Aapprentice '85
The Tumbleweed Twosome '86
Get Maledon! '86
The Parker Ransome '87
The Hanging Week '87
Double on Death Row '88
Date with a Noose '90
Maledon Calls the Shots '90
The Quick Hanging '91
Fort Smith Posse '95

LUKE HELLER series by David Whitehead

Heller '90
Heller in the Rockies '92 - with Link Hullar

HEZEKIAH HORN series by Dave Armstrong

God's Gunslinger '92
Hezekiah & The Pecos Kid '92

Hezekiah & Hell's Belle '92

IRON EYES series by Rory Black

Iron Eyes '99
Fury of Iron Eyes 2001
The Wrath of Iron Eyes 2003
The Curse of Iron Eyes 2004

JUDGE & DURY series by David Whitehead

Hang 'em All '89
Riding for Justice '90
Law of the Gun '91
Trial by Fire '93
Barbed Wire Noose '94
Judgement Day '94

LAWRENCE & HENDERSON series by Ron Pritchett

Peaceful Guns '88
Cougar City '90

LOMAX BROTHERS series by Jim Bowden

Renegade Riders '80
Gunfight at Elm Creek '80

BRONCO MADIGAN series by Tyler Hatch or Hank J. Kirby

Deathwatch Trail '98 (Tyler Hatch)
Bronco Madigan '99 (Hank J. Kirby)
Vigilante Marshall 2001 (Tyler Hatch)
Madigan's Star 2001 (Hank J. Kirby)

WHEELER McKAY series by Link Hullar

Wheeler '92
Bordertown Wheeler '93

McKINNEY series by Mike Stotter

McKinney's Revenge '90
McKinney's Law '93

BROGAN McNALLY series by L.D. Tetlow

The Ghost Riders '86
Brogan: Passing Through '87
Brogan's Mexican Stand-Off '87
Brogan for Sheriff '88
Brogan: Fool's Gold '89
Brogan & the Bull '89
Brogan: Shepard's Gold '90
Brogan Takes a Toll '92
Brogan: To Earl a Dollar '93
Brogan & the Judge Killer '93
Brogan: Kidnapped '94
Brogan: Blood Money '95

LINK MURLEE series by Mark Donovan

Rancho Alamito '83 [Hale]
Arrows in the Sun '85 [Hale]
Tainted Range '87 [Hale]
Come Home, Link Murlee '91 [Hale]

CARTER O' BRIEN series by Ben Bridges

The Silver Trail '86
Hard as Nails '87
Mexico Breakout '87
Hangman's Noose '88
The Deadly Dollars '88
Squaw Man '89
North of the Border '90
Shoot to Kill '90
Hell for Leather '92
Marked for Death '93
Gunsmoke is Grey '94
Cold Steel '96
Mean as Hell '99

PILGRIM series by Jay Hill Potter

Call Me Pilgrim '81
Pilgrim's Blood '82
Pilgrim's Trail '82
Young Joe Pilgrim '82
The Pilgrim Raid '83
Bounty for Pilgrim '83
A Coffin for Pilgrim '86
Pilgrim's Revenge '90
Hills of the Dead '91
The Devil's Shake 2001

RAMPART COUNTY series by Leonard Meares

Montana Crisis '93
Rooney's Second Deputy '94

REAPER series by B.J. Holmes

Guns of the Reaper '83
Dollars for the Reaper '90
Blood for the Reaper '92
Coffin for the Reaper '94
Comes the Reaper '95
Viva Reaper! '96

RICK & HATTIE series by Leonard Meares

Colorada Runaround '91
The Major & the Miners '92
Five Deadly Shadows '93
Feud at Greco Canyon '94

ROCKING W series by Gillian F. Taylor

The Rocking W '93
The Paducah War '96
San Felipe Guns 2000

SHADOW RIDER series by Chris Adam-Smith

The Shadow Rider '97
Shadow on a Dark Mountain '97
Ride a Long Shadow '98
Shadow on the Apache '99

SHARPER series by Jay D. West

Sharper '94
Sharper - Avenging Guns '95
Angel of Death: Sharper '96
Sharper's Revenge '96

SHATTERHAND series by B.J. Holmes

A Legend Called Shatterhand '90
Shatterhand & the People '92

Note: These two feature a character created by Karl May.

ELLIS STACK series by Frank Fields

Dirt Farmers '88
The Revenge of Ellis Stack '89
Stack's Law '89

JACK STONE series by J.D. Kincaid

Corrigan's Revenge '89
The Fourth of July '90
Showdown at Medicine Creek '90
The Sheriff of Fletcher County '90
Coyote Winter '90

TOTAL WRECK series by Robert Dyer

The Total Wreck War '95
Showdown at Total Wreck '95
Sundown at Total Wreck '96

ELIJAH WEST series by Link Hullar

Montana Shootout '92
Bones, Bullets & Badmen '94
Panhandle Showdown '96

WILDE BOYS series by Ben Bridges

The Wilde Boys '88
Wilde Fire '88
Wilde's Law '88
Aces Wilde '91

DUEL WINSTON series by Lance Howard

Wanted '96
Ghost-Town Duel '96

YATES & McBAIN series by I.J. Parnham

The Outlawed Deputy 2001
Last Rider from Hell 2002
Death or Bounty 2002
Yates's Dilemna 2004

ZACK & CURLY 7 by Leonard F. Meares

Tin Star Trio '94
A Quest for Heroes '96

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