H.M. Dockyard School, Malta

H.M. Dockyard School, Malta Sports Programme, Front page

(Children's Section)

By kind permission of the Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean, Admiral Sir William Fisher, K.C.B., C.V.O.


: at Corradino, 28th May 1935.

The first event at 1.45 p.m.

The Band of the Commander-in-Chief will be in attendance.

Conductor - Mr F. Bellizzi

This nostalgic Programme for the Tenth Annual Athletic Sports at Corradino on 28th May 1935 was discovered in a box of assorted odds and ends at a collectors fair in the UK. It has the Name "G. Waters" written at the top of the cover, the letters along the heading have been 'filled in' and some other notes made on the other pages in typical school child fashion !

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