Floor 3

Passenger General

Mike Edwards

Claims Section

(Start until 1965)

Jim Greenfield, Head of Section, Gus Tovey, Deputy

Harry Turner, Ken Miller, Alan Almond, Ted Chrimes (Transferred out 1963)

Ben Bentley, Dave James, Mike Mundy, John Worley (Transferred out 1963)

Keith Collins, Derry Seabrook, David Brown, Roy Martin, Harry Wing, Tony Powell,

Shep Sheppard, Jack Steadman, Chas Tullett, Fred Cane (Inspector), Bob Wilkin,

Cliff Cowdery, Fred Grocott, John ??? (Lived at Earlswood)

Filing Room

Jack Steadman, Charlie Tullett

Road Co-ordination

Freight Rates and Accounts

Rodney Archer, Mrs Barrett, Roy Maymon, Janet Hughes, Brian Large,

Dave Lillywhite, John McGrath, Doug Pope, Mike Tweed, Eileen Warner and many more

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