Floor 4


Productivity Assistants: Laurie Smith, Derek Penicud

Deputies: Cyril Jenkin, John Bale

Laurie Fish, Kevin Harrison, Richard Haste, Harold Horner, Bob Oliver,

Robert ("Willie") Parsons, Tony Pegler, Terry Penfold, Harry Rumble,

Jack Saheid, John Soar, Alan Stredwick, John Tullett,

  Eileen Warner, Judy Williamson, and Vic (?).

Terminals & Cartage

(Start until 1970's)

Head of Section: John Holliday

Dave Barfoot, Vic Carter, Fred Grocott, E.A.Jones, Brian Lake, Mike Mundy,

Fred Russell (Inspector), Steve Stevens (Inspector), Jim Wickens, and others


Dennis Smithers Head of Section,

Norman Osborne, John Watkins,

Road Transport Licensing & Liason

Head of Section: Mike Edwards

John Graham, Peter ?????

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