Floor 8

Some of the names from days gone by, listed in ABC order (not all present at the same time)

Chief Trains Clerk and Chief Controller : George Branchett, Tony Bridger, Bernard Holden.

Assistant C.T.C. : Eustace (Bow) Bourner

Assistant Special Duties : Jim Gibbons, David Howie, Arthur Matthews, Doug Tait

Room 80

Trains Inspectors

Ernie Allcorn, John Evans, Chris Everest, George Hughes, George Rudman, Tom Southon.

Carriage Cleaning Inspector

Freddie Downs

Passenger Trains Section

Gerry Beadle, Pat Beale, Dickie Bond, Bill Brooker, Julian Brown, Gabby Buxton, Tim Cantrell,

Charlie Carey, John Chapman, John Clinging, Jack Colborn, Ted Copus, John Corby,

George Cornish, John Crook (Billy Whizz), Dave (Bun Muncher) Dancey, Alan Edwards,

Roy (Stumpy) Edwards, John Fouracre, John Gosling, John Graham, Jim Haimes (sic),

Brian Halford, Don Harris, (Jumping) John Hemsley, Garth Hentley, Dave Hughes,

Joyce Killick, Alan Lake, Norman Luff (PC Plod), Sue Lunn (nee Quilter), Keith (Boggy) Marsh,

Phil Mathie, Chris Meredith, Dennis Muggeridge, Paul Munson, Peter Murnaghan,

Sid Nash (S.C.Nash), Roger Orpin, Robert (Willie) Parsons, Roy Paterson, Roy Rogers,

Johnny (Mini Man) Routledge, Mike Rowe, ? Smith, Fred Stevens,

Tom Stevens, Eric Stubbs, Archie Trussler,Garry Walker, Harry Waterer, Reg Weightman,

Chris Welch (Biscuits), Ron Williams, (to name but a few)

Room 84

Special Traffic Section

Tony Adfield "the Colonel", Jerry Beadle, John Bullock, Stuart Burrell ("Mr Pig"),

Tim  Cantrell ("the talking clock"), Peter Cox ("the Engineering Works Wizard"),

Mick Donovan ("Flash"), Bob Excell, Trevor Fielder ("the Mouse"), Simon Fleming,

Geoff Hawkins, aka Wild Man of Borneo ("WMOB"), Garth Hentley,

Ron (Dan) Lander, Trevor Lloyd ("the Dog"),

Rodney Barrington Hunt ("Goodge"),

Jack Lacey, Phil Mathie, Bryan Rayner, Mike Scutt, Ray Snellin "Ducky",

Fred Stevens, Michael Troke, Maurice Turner ("Mum"), Mike Tweed,

Derek Van Ryne ("The Gargoyle"), Les Woodhouse.

Room 85

Freight Trains Section

Alan E Brooker, John Brunning, Brian Candy, John Curtis, Gordon Dudman,

Dave Duncan, Derek Freeman, Bert Harwood, Ray Hide,

Peter Murnaghan, Norrie Norman, Charlie (Ar** *oles) Perrall,

Maurice Quinlan, (Twiggy) Robinson, Cecil ??

Essex House Rogues Gallery

John Crook (Billy Whiz), Alan Lake (Pond), Roy Rogers, Jim Cummings and Dave Hughes

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