These pages are devoted to our Holidays in the Maltese Islands and are dedicated to the all of the people of Malta who have given my Wife and I so many happy memories.

Alan & Wendy Edwards - Caterham, Surrey, England.

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Telecards from Malta

Please click on the Telecard above to see my collection of Telecards from Malta

Magical Moments in Malta

Please click on the thumbnail above here for some of my Magical Moments in Malta, there are times when you can be in the right place and at the right time, it does not often happen.

Memories of Malta in the 1930's

Please click on the picture above to go back in time to the 1930's and see some nostalgic views of the Maltese Islands from an old family photograph album.

Virtual Malta and Gozo

Valletta view

Please click on the thumbnail above to see views of Malta and Gozo that are the next best thing to actually being there, you may even get your feet wet!

An A to Z of our Malta Holidays

A to Z flag

Please click on the A to Z flag for a rhyme that lists our memories of Malta and Gozo through the alphabet

Favourite places in Malta and Gozo


Please click on the Luzzu fishing boat to see 21 photographs and memories of happy times in the Maltese Islands

Air Malta flight from England to Malta

Air Malta plane

Please click on the Aircraft to join me on a flight to Malta seeing the sights from the window seat. No passports required !

Old Postcards & View Albums of Malta & Gozo


Please click on the postbox to see what the postman delivered many years ago

Malta and Gozo Route Buses

(100% Unofficial website)

Route Bus

Please click on the Route Bus to see City Gate Bus Terminus at Valletta, Buses, Maps, Tickets, Bus Stops, Bus Shelters and much more

 1883 - The Malta Railway - 1931


Please click on the Train to trace the remains of the Malta Railway, opened in 1883 and closed in 1931

Soft Drinks of Malta from days gone by

Drinking straw

Please click on the drinking straw to look back at some of the bottles of yesteryear

Alan's Kinnie page


Please click on the Kinnie logo to see why Kinnie has to have a section of it's own

 Milk Bottles from Malta and The Malta Dairy


Please click on the Cow to re live memories of the days when Milk was sold in Glass Bottles in Malta and Gozo.

 Festa Memories

Festa banner

Please click on the Festa banner to see memories of Festa celebrations in Malta

The Colours of Malta

Eyes of Osiris

Please click on the Eyes of Osiris and enjoy some of the colours of Malta

 Alan's Monthly Maltese Lucky Dip

Dip bag

Please click on the bag to see what is in the Lucky Dip for this Month

The small local shops of Malta

Malta shop

Please come with me on a shopping spree around the streets of Malta and find some of the small shops that are waiting for your custom. Just click on the thumbnail above to see some of my favourites, you may even know some of them.

The Newspapers of Malta

Read all about it ! It's all here in Black and White, Please click on the Newspaper headings to see what is in the latest Newspapers

Malta Cats Album

Black cat

Please click on the Lucky Black Cat to see some beautiful Maltese Cats and to see Hi jinks between Cats and Ducks at Spinola Bay

WW2 in Malta


Please click on the camoflague above to see two original photographs of wartime damage in Malta in the 1940's

Searching for other "Malta's" in the U.K.


THE MALTA INN, Allington Lock, Sandling, Near Maidstone, Kent. Please click on the picture to find out more about this and other "MALTA's" in the U.K.


Alan's Advent Calendar

Please click on Santa to see the Advent Calendar

 Christmas in Malta

Christmas tree

Please click on the Christmas Tree above to have a look around Malta during the weeks leading up to Christmas

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