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During our visits to Malta, My Wife and I have witnessed the changeover from the Green to the Yellow livery on The Buses of Malta, and many happy times have been spent travelling on the Route Buses throughout Malta and Gozo. The Route Buses in Gozo have kept their Grey and Red colours.

Please come with me on a journey around Malta and Gozo by Route Bus. There are pages showing a variety of Route Buses also views of the City Gate Bus Station at Valletta, Bus Maps, Bus Stops and Bus Shelters, the Old Colours of Buses from days gone by and an album of over 200 different Bus Tickets from Malta and Gozo.


Malta and Gozo routebuses

Valletta City Gate Bus Station

 Malta Bus Fun page

 Malta & Gozo Bus Maps

 By Bus from Sliema

 Malta Bus Stops

 Malta & Gozo Bus Tickets through the years

 Malta Bus Shelters

 Malta & Gozo Buses in close-up

 Malta & Gozo Bus Picture Album

 Malta to Gozo by Bus and Ferry (Animation)

 The Colourful Buses of Malta & Gozo

Valley Road Msida webcam by Kemmunet

Bus animation

Animation showing the old green and new yellow livery route buses in Malta and the grey and red livery Gozo route bus

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