More Soft Drinks of days gone by in Malta

"COCOPINA" which was supposedly a mixture of Coconut and Pineapple, "MISSION COLA" and "MISSION LEMON", "ROYAL CROWN COLA", "SOLERA MANDARIN", "FRISS-KEE SOLERA" with a picture of a parrot on the green bottle, "SPLENDID BOTTLING" at Hamrun produced many original drinks, "SPUR COLA" also made by "CANADA DRY", similar / identical bottle to "FABULA". "VERIGOOD" which tasted of Tangerines. "WINK" a Grapefruit (I believe) tasting drink possibly made by "PORTANIER". In Gozo we had a soft drink "KIKS" which was very good about 30 years ago it was produced by "VELSONS" of Gozo. Karmnu whose nickname was Turlumbu had his own drink factory and the drink was called "EXPRESS". At Tal Handak Royal Naval School, in the school Tuck Shop we used to buy this super tasting drink called "CINALCO",never tasted the like again.

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Maybe you know of some other soft drinks not mentioned here or can add some comments on the ones listed, please let me know. Thank you.

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