An A to Z of our Malta Holidays

By Alan Edwards

Malta Coat of Arms

A is for ATTARD, with San Anton Gardens, a pretty sight,

B is for BALLUTA BAY, with the sun shining bright.

C is for CLAPHAM JUNCTION with Cart Ruts to be found,

D is for DINGLI CLIFFS, the highest point around.

E is for EVENING and a meal as the sun starts to fade,

F is for FESTA with fireworks and a Band parade.

G is for GOZO, a beautiful place, a full day out.

H is for HAMRUN, the old station now has a scout.

I is for INTERESTING PLACES and things to see and do,

J is for JOURNEYS by Bus and Boat and on foot too.

K is for KINNIE a refreshing bottled ice cold drink,

L is for LIZARD we also saw a Gecko and Chamelion (we think)

M is for MARSAXLOKK with colourful boats and views,

N is for NEWSPAPERS full of local life and news.

O is for OLEANDER in the park and along the street,

P is for PRICKLY PEARS (be careful with your feet)

Q is for QUEENS SQUARE in the heart of Valletta City,

R is for RAILWAY closed now, it's such a pity.

S is for SLIEMA with ships, shops, sea and sun,

T is for TRITON FOUNTAIN, with more buses than one.

U is for UPPER BARRACCA GARDENS for a cool drink and a rest,

V is for VALLETTA without a doubt, The Best.

W is for WIGNACOURT AQUADUCT that once gave Valletta her water,

X is for XLENDI with Lace and Aran jumpers for our Daughter.

Y is for "YES PLEASE", we would love to come to Malta again,

Z is for ZEJTUN, the name Air Malta put on to our plane.

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