Old Post Cards from Malta

Old Post Cards and Souvenir View Albums from Malta

Since visiting Malta on holiday, I have got into the habit of collecting almost anything about Malta and my collection includes a selection of old transport related postcards that I am sometimes lucky to find in all sorts of places. It is possible to discover them in junk shops, at jumble sales, car boot sales and collectors fairs. Some are quite expensive but now and again a bargain pops up. Modern post cards of Malta and Gozo also form an interesting part of my collection and I add quite a few to my growing hoard on each visit to Malta.

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Favourite old Malta postcard

One of my favourite Malta post cards shows an old aircraft and a view of The Grand Harbour. Posted in Valletta on 15th August 1917

Trams, Trains and Buses on Postcards

Malta Souvenir Albums with 32 views

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