Milk & Cream Portion Lids

I have a collection of the lids from the individual Milk and Cream portions that are given in Cafe's and Restaurant's for adding to hot Tea and Coffee.

Milk Lids

Those shown above are one from a special set issued for

The Expo '86 in Canada, I have 17 different lids, but do not know how many were in the set.

Then there is one from another set, these pictures of flowers are from Austria.

The other two are from England. St Ivel and an Unnamed lid.

Cuisine Milk and Cream portion lids - 1998 World Cup Football

A series of colourful lids has appeared in the U.K. on Milk and Cream portions that are given when you have a cup of tea or coffee in cafe's and restaurants, they are issued by Cuisine Food Service and I have listed the ones below with a X in the columns for the lids that I have discovered so far. It is a large series of 48 World Cup '98 games plus additional lids for the final games. I am hoping to get at least one of each of the series, there is quite a knack in gently prising off the lids without tearing them, and it also means a lot of cups of tea and coffee!

Illustrated below are five lids from the series.

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If the person who sent me an e-mail from Switzerland about Milk Lids could please contact me again. Thank you

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