Pictured above is my own prize-winning design BT Phonecard, used by The Telephone Card Club of Great Britain as their Membership card for 1998 and has also since been used in a smaller version as the Club Badge. The idea was inspired by the use of the word ACE which represents the initials of my full name as well as stating The ACE of CLUBS.

Telephone Card Emporium

I have been collecting telephone cards since 1988, the first one I found was the British Telecom 20 unit Christmas Lights phonecard and the collection has grown from there. I am a member of The Telephone Card Club of Great Britain. Currently I have over 1,800 different cards. Some of the more unusual cards that I have found in England are One from Belgium found in Eastbourne, Sussex, One from The Netherlands discovered in a kiosk in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and my best find yet, Three different cards from Mexico found just down the road in my own village of Warlingham, England.

I follow with great interest the Telecards from Malta and am a member of the Maltacom Collector's Club. My ultimate aim is to have at least one card from each country that issues them, I have a very long way to go yet!

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 NEW Phone Cards from Malta

Phone Cards from Gibraltar

Croydon Trams on Phonecards

Phonecard Picture Album

Christmas themed Phone Cards

Telephone Button Badges

Telephone Tokens

Model Telephone Vans


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Thank you for taking the time to delve into Alan's Phonecard Emporium.

I hope you like my attempt at an animated telephone card.

I wonder why it is always the picture cards that seem to be bent or scratched when they are discarded, but the plain ones are nearly always in good condition.

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