Malta during WW2

FLORIANA - In this view of Kingsgate Bus Station, there is some wreckage in the foreground, is it a damaged Route Bus or maybe something else. The building on the left is the old Malta Tramways Office.

In April 1942 Malta was awarded the "George Cross" by King George V1

VALLETTA GRAND HARBOUR - Spectators gather along Duke of York Avenue observing a raging fire, maybe it is a Tanker that has been bombed ? War torn Senglia is in the centre of this picture.

Please click on the photos to see a much larger view, these two small photographs were bought at a Collector's Fair in April 2002 in the UK, there are no dates or any other information shown to ascertain ownership. I have not retouched these views, I have made large scans to show as much detail as possible. Best viewed at 800 x 600 Full Screen.

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