Bantam Paintings

All the standard colours in UK in Modern Game. Click on an image to see the full written standard together with a larger, clearer pic. The overview written standards are HERE. Please be my guest and print out each standard page to collect a complete standards book.


 duckwing female

A couple of more pictorial sketches, gosh the one on the right has attracted some flies !!


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This big picture is 20"x 16" (enlargeable) in Acrylics and depicts all the 13 standardised colours.

Click here to see December's National 99 winners
Click here to see December's National 2000 winners
A painting for winners to keep. This Trophy was donated by Dan Clayton in 1911 and is 22 ounces of solid antique siver, painted 2001, click to enlarge.  
A mixed media rendition to show the size of large Moderns compared with Bantams. Acrylic paintings digitally put together and touched up with "Painter"
My tattoo on leg calf. It still has to becoloured in. It's a pair of Birchenswhen complete



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