Toddington Scenes

St Georges Church, built in 13c, Dominates the village high street. There is also a Roman Catholic Church, Wesleyan Chapel and Babtist Chapel in the village

 village pond  conger hill  Edlesborough Mill
 park steet The one on the right was done as a "living artist" at our Village Millennium Celebrations. The local press photod me, click here to see it.  town hall
The five above are The Village Pond,(see photo below, our house is behind the tree on the left) Conger Hill, A local mill at Edlesborough, Park Street & the Toddington Town Hall.

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Interesting work !! Three digital photos were taken with this in mind, the muscovies were two separate pics from the pond itself. They were put together in PS and touched up with art....Then a hole had to be made in them to allow the ripple effect "lake applet" to show through and the whole put together in html code. Precise sizes had to be used. It's a kind of internet art ...isn't it?
Market Square South View

Market Square North View
Market Square North East View
Market Square East View
Here's Market Square, an arial view and four direct-on views above. All pen a digital wash. You can see 5 of our 8 pubs here, top: the Red Lion, lower left: the Oddfellows, mid right: the Bell and further down right: the Sow & Pigs and the bottom right: the rear of the Griffin.

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