Our house is the most interesting one we have ever owned, on the digital pen and wash painting it is the second from the left. The bottom one indicates the date-line of the way it has grown over the centuries. The ariel photo was taken from off the top of the Chapel roof next door. Our Company re-furbished the Chapel roof the other year and I could not resist the opportunity of taking piccies. The house is very historic and the earliest part dates back to 1500's. I have given two talks on it now to local Associations, so did loads of research from the deeds I have. We know who has lived here since 1750. Our house used to be a pub called 'The Greyhound' in about 1860, it had closed by 1890.

This is my biggest picture to date, 48 inches long. The scene was painted from life and the family and friends added afterwards. All these people had barbecued at our big table but not in that seating plan. Also got our two cats and dog in. This is under two old apple trees. This picture took me the whole of one January, but was good because it reminded me of those lovely summer evenings whilst I painted it.


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  More of the detail in the
Barbecue painting


This was the first painting I did when I started in 1995, just sat in the garden and went for it.

To see photos our gardens click here  Warning, these are large files

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