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1999 saw me start life sessions at St Albans Art Centre. Brilliant practice, you have to work pretty quick, some poses only lasting 5 minutes. Here are three montages of a little of my work so far, none of these are finished paintings yet. I will post some when I get to that stage.

Y2000 I was doing A Levels at Barnfield College, a great course. Here's some of my work. The first two were the exams in May 2000, the car was a 6 hour exam. The beans a 3 hour one. The next image is a sample of course work


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September 2000 I commenced Barnfield College again, an HNC in Art & Design. It's two days a week, 2 years & very flexible and apparently one can upgrade to HND and ultimately get to the last year of a degree course if successful. The study covers Fine Art and we will be visiting London Galleries quite often. We have a week in Paris organised for February 2001. I'll keep the website up-to-date with progress and copies of work.





First half term has flown by. Here's samples of work. Above a box we had to construct and an assemblage after the style of Joseph Cornell The rest are life studies, really large, some are 48" in conte and charcoal also some printmaking.



In November 2000 I did another box full of my bantams and we continued with life studies. We also had a day in London to study the Turner Prize shortlist, also went to the Tate, the Courtauld and the National Portrait gallery. Painting the Century exhibition was well worth seeing....a great exhibition imo.
My first etching. The zinc plate was cut, polished and de-greased. Heated and set with wax ground. A mirror negative image was scratched on it and then it was immersed in nitric acid for 10 minutes which etched away where there was no wax. The plate was then inked and put through the press with damp paper and hey first etching. Taken from my painting of 1997.

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