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 Self portrait, "In the Mirror" done for Compuserve monthly assignment in Forum. It took 5 hours, pick the magnifying glass with your mouse to see the details.

In April 1999 I purchased a Wacom Penpartner (digitising tablet) and MetaCreations Painter Classic software and my art went digital. I joined the Digart Forum on Compuserve which was great to attempt their monthly assignments, get help and critique on-line. Computer art can be lonely, not many folk are interested, but the forum was great to participate in. Here's a selection of my work so far:




October 2000, a friend, Fran Baker, sent me a pencil sketch, it made a brill pose and inspired me to a digital composition, the original sketch is inset.This one's well worth enlarging
2001..All for the same assignment in C/s forum. The subect was babies & old father time if you liked. I chose do do 4 submissions, all different styles. Traditional, Japanese Print, Cubist & Pop Art




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