Our Animals


The two cats aged 10 years. Butts and Beaus, Butts on right returned August, 1998, after being lost for 7 months. We searched everywhere, advertised to no avail. Finally found him on the outskirts of the Village, living rough on a farm.
  Mrs Green is quite fearless, at home with everyone, she flew off for 28 hours 8 years ago but we luckily found her a quarter of a mile away. She's 12 now, and much more peaceful, but only a youngster as parrots go. We have to leave her in our will.


The cat would insist in climbing on the dog, much to the dogs disgust.




Alas the dog is dead now, 16 years old when she died. But they all live and lived together well, I am training the last one to use the Computer. He's eyeing up his own image!!!

I paint animals as well. five enlargeable images here. The whippet is in pastels

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