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June 30
Kittiwake at Staines Res, also Little Gull, 3 Oystercatchers, Dunlin & 2+ Yellow-legged Gulls (Oliver Metcalf)

June 29
Curlew, 2 at Staines Res, also 2 Little Gull, 2 Oystercatchers, Ringed Plover, Green Sand, Dunlin & 10 LRPs (Tony Sweetland, Simon Buckingham, Birdguides)
Little Egret at Fairlop Waters CP (Birdguides)

June 28
Little Gull at Staines Res (Birdguides)
Green Sandpiper, 3 at Beddington SF (Birdguides)

June 27
Little Egret at Barnes WWT (Birdguides)
Little Egret at Dagenham Chase NR (Birdguides)
Mediterranean Gull, adult at Thamesmead, near outfall (Birdguides)
Little Gull at Staines Res, also 2 Oystercatchers (Birdguides)

June 25
Black Kite over Goodmayes, north at 13.22 (Birdguides)

June 24
Cetti's Warbler at Bedfont Lakes CP (Adam Cheeseman)

June 23
Little Stint, 3 at Staines Res, also 3 Oystercatchers, Curlew & Dunlin (Pete Naylor)

June 22
Curlew Sandpiper, 2 at Staines Res, also Black-tailed Godwit & 3 Oystercatchers (Birdguides)

June 21
Black-tailed Godwit at Staines Res, also 6 Ringed Plover, 3 Oystercatchers & Knot (Birdguides)

June 20
Black-tailed Godwit, 2 at Staines Res, also Knot, Curlew, Grey Plover, 11+ Ringed Plover, 4 Oystercatchers, 2 Dunlin, LRP & 10 Yellow-legged Gull (Pete Naylor, David Combes)
possible Hoopoe at Bedfont Lakes CP (per Adam Cheeseman)

June 18
Red Kite over Rickmansworth, NW in morning (Birdguides)

June 14
Temminck's Stint at Staines Res, also Green Sand & Yellow-legged Gull (Pete Naylor)

June 13
Red Kite over Barnes WWT, flew south early PM (Birdguides)

June 10
Mediterranean Gull, 1st summer at Belvedere (Birdguides)

June 7
Stork sp over Finchley Church End, circled high then flew north at 08.30 (David Pye)
Little Egret, 3 at East India Dock Basin NR TQ391809 (Birdguides)
Little Gull at Staines Res, also Black Tern, 3 Turnstones & Dunlin (Ken Purdey, Frank Clark)

June 6
Marsh Warbler at Crossness LNR, trapped & ringed (Birdguides)
Sanderling, 4 at Staines Res, also 3 Turnstones (Ken Purdey)
A pair of Peregrines have bred on Luxborough Tower, opposite Baker Street Station. A public viewing station has been set up on Marylebone Green, Regent's Park from June 7-11 between mid-day and 7pm every day.

June 5
Black Tern at Staines Res, also Sandwich Tern, Med Gull, 13 Sanderling & 3 Turnstone (Birdguides)
Common Buzzard over Brent Res, north at 09.15 (Andrew Self)

June 2
Black Kite over Deptford, south at 18.30, then over East Dulwich at 18.40 (John Waldon, Steven Robinson)

June 1
Grey Plover, 3 at Staines Res, also 2 Turnstones (Ken Purdey)
Turnstone, 2 at Barnes WWT (Birdguides)

May 30
Pintail at Broadwater Lake (Simon Buckingham)
Sanderling, 6 at Staines Res, also 5 Dunlin & Turnstone (Ken Purdey, Andrew Moon)

May 29
Common Crane, 2 over Whipps Cross, east at 09.00 (Peter Hadrill)

May 28
Red-backed Shrike, female at Streatham, in garden just south of Mitcham Lane from 06.45 - 07.00 (Ann Oliver)

May 27
Turnstone, 4 at Thamesmead, on Thames by golf club (Birdguides)

May 26
Red Kite over Greenwich, west at 11.50 (Birdguides)

May 23
Black Tern, 2 at Staines Res, also 4 Sanderling & 5 Turnstone (Ken Purdey)
Little Gull at KGVI Res (Ken Purdey)
Temminck's Stint at Beddington SF (Johnny Allan)
Fieldfare at Barnes WWT (Martin Honey)

May 22
Temminck's Stint at Beddington SF (Johnny Allan)
Sanderling at KGVI Res (Andrew Moon)
Nightingale at Walthamstow Res (David Darrell-Lambert)

May 21
Osprey over Grays at 08.25 (Birdguides)
Red-necked Grebe at Dagenham Chase NR (Birdguides)
Little Gull at Staines Res/KGVI Res -
see photo (Pete Naylor, Andrew Moon)
Sanderling, 2 at KGVI Res (Pete Naylor)

May 20
Marsh Harrier, female over Wormwood Scrubs, flew east at 07.30 (David Lindo)
Red-necked Grebe at Fairlop Waters CP (Birdguides)
Sanderling at Barnes WWT (Birdguides)
Wheatear at Tate Modern (David Darrell-Lambert)

May 19
White Stork, probable over Barnes WWT, flew NE at 17.35 (Birdguides)
Temminck's Stint at Kempton Park NR (Birdguides)

May 18
White Stork over Whipps Cross, flew south at 11.30 (Birdguides)
Red Kite over Fairlop Waters CP (Birdguides)
Little Egret, 2 at Amwell GP (Birdguides)

May 17
Montagu's Harrier, male over Barnes WWT, north at 07.55 (Birdguides)
Honey Buzzard over New Malden, flew north late morning (Birdguides)
Osprey over Regent's Park, north at 10.40 (Birdguides)

May 16
Golden Oriole, male at Richmond Park (Birdguides)
Red-backed Shrike, male at Belvedere, in scrub by incinerator (Birdguides)
Black Tern at Staines Res (Frank Clark)
Black-tailed Godwit, 5 at Staines Moor (Frank Clark)

May 15
Red-backed Shrike, female at Barnes WWT, also Greenshank & Little Gull (Birdguides)
Wood Warbler at Bedfont Lakes CP (Adam Cheeseman)

May 14
Little Gull, 2 at KGV Res (Martin Shepherd)
Oystercatcher at Tyttenhanger GPs (Birdguides)

May 13
Black Kite over Goodmayes west at 09.15 (Peter Hadrill)
Marsh Harrier over Staines Moor, north at 17.35 (Birdguides)
Temminck's Stint at Sevenoaks WR (Birdguides)
Wood Sandpiper at Belvedere (Birdguides)

May 12
Temminck's Stint at Belvedere, also Wood Sandpiper (Birdguides)
Temminck's Stint at Ponders End Lake (Birdguides)
Wood Sandpiper at Cross Ness, Thamesmead, also LRP (Birdguides)
Black Redstart at Marylebone Lane W1, on Cafe Caldesi (Andy Bates)
Ring Ouzel at Barnes WWT (Birdguides)
Hobby, 3 at Laleham Park, by M3 bridge (David Combes)

May 11
Marsh Harrier over Beddington SF (Johnny Allan)
Ring Ouzel at Regent's Park, on lawn by Inner Circle also 8+ Turtle Doves over (Dave Johnson)
Ring Ouzel at Barnes WWT (Birdguides)
Hobby, 4 at Laleham Park, by M3 bridge (David Combes)
Turnstone at KGV Res (Phil Vines)

May 10
Caspian Tern over M25, Jcn 26 (Birdguides)
Ring Ouzel at Barnes WWT (Birdguides)
Hobby, 4 at Laleham Park, by M3 bridge (David Combes)
Turnstone at Beddington SF (Johnny Allan)

May 9
Red Kite over Richmond, flew NE at 11.00 (Hugh Bradshaw)
Red Kite over Beddington SF flew NW (Johnny Allan)
Whimbrel, 2 at Fishers Green (Barry Bishop)
Arctic Tern, 4 at KGV Res, also Sanderling (Chris Langsdon, Phil Vines)
Ring Ouzel at Barnes WWT (Birdguides)

May 8
Night Heron, 1st summer at Barnes WWT, also Ring Ouzel (Birdguides)
Arctic Tern, 30+ at Staines Res, also Dunlin & Hobby (Pete Naylor, Andrew Moon)

May 7
Marsh Harrier over Barnes WWT at 16.17, also Ring Ouzel (Birdguides)

May 5
Night Heron, immature at Barnes WWT (Sylvia Javes)
Nightingale, 2 at Bookham Common (Frank Clark)

May 3
White-spotted Bluethroat reported at Barnes WWT, also 2 Sanderling & Greenshank (Birdguides)
Whimbrel, 2 at Belvedere (Birdguides)
Sandwich Tern at Tyttenhanger GP (Birdguides)
Dunlin, 20 at Brent Res, also Fieldfare & Hobby (Ian Ellis, Andrew Self)
Garganey at KGV Res (Birdguides)
Arctic Tern, 34 at Staines Res, also Whimbrel & Little Gull (Oliver Metcalf)
Ring Ouzel at KGVI Res (Oliver Metcalf)

May 2
Temminck's Stint at Fairlop Waters CP, also Tree Pipit (Chris Langsdon, Barry Bishop)
Stone Curlew at Dartford Marsh, in first ploughed field past pig farm (Birdguides)
Whimbrel, 2 at Brent Res, also 5 Little Gulls, 2 Common Scoter -
see photo, Turtle Dove & Nightingale (Brent Birders)
Sanderling, 3 at Staines Res, also 5 Little Gulls & 6 Arctic Terns (Birdguides)
Marsh Harrier at Amwell GP (Birdguides)
Arctic Tern, 2 at KGV Res, also 3 Little Gulls & 16 Yellow Wagtails (Chris Langsdon, Barry Bishop)
Little Gull, 5+ at Holyfield Lake, also Black Tern (Chris Langsdon, Barry Bishop)
Grasshopper Warbler at Bowyers Water (Chris Langsdon, Barry Bishop)
Grasshopper Warbler at Croxley Common Moor -
see photo (Andrew Moon)
Ring Ouzel at KGVI Res, also 3 Sanderling (Andrew Moon)
Turtle Dove at Morden Hall Park, also Cuckoo (Malcolm Riddler)
Little Gull, 10 at Barnes WWT, also Redstart, 2 Knot, 2 Turnstones & Turtle Dove (Birdguides)
Common Buzzard over Regent's Park (P. Hobson)

May 1
Hume's Warbler at Brent Res, also Marsh Harrier, Little Tern, 2 Arctic Terns, 12 Little Gulls, 5 Dunlin, 2 Common Scoter & Hobby (Brent Birders)
White-spotted Bluethroat at Barnes WWT, also 25 Little Gulls, 5 Greenshanks, 3 Dunlin & 2 Whinchat (Barnes Birders)
Bar-tailed Godwit, 35 east over Wormwood Scrubs (David Lindo, Roy Nuttall)
Bar-tailed Godwit, 28 NE over Rainham Marsh, also 45 Little Gulls, Garganey, 10 Whimbrel, 5 Avocet, 4 Spotted Redshanks, 2 Grey Plover & 6 Greenshank (Birdguides)
Bar-tailed Godwit, 21 over QEII Res, also 5 Little Gulls (Birdguides)
Little Tern at Staines Res, also 4 Arctic Terns, 16 Little Gulls, 3 Turnstones & Bar-tailed Godwit (Birdguides, Andrew Moon, Pete Naylor)
Wood Sandpiper at Fairlop Water CP, also 2 Green Sands (Birdguides)
Blue-headed Wagtail at Beddington SF, also 70 Yellow Wagtails (Johnny Allan)
Ring Ouzel at KGVI Res, also 15 Little Gulls, 3 Black Terns, 32 Yellow Wagtails & 2 Hobbies (Andrew Moon, Pete Naylor)
Whinchat, 2 at Croxley Common Moor (Andrew Moon)
Black Tern at Island Barn Res (Steve Spooner)

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