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A Brief History of Bus Operations in Barrow

1878 - The first bus service in Barrow was operated from The Ship Inn on The Strand to the Strawberry on Abbey Road via the railway station at St Georges Square.  This service was provided with the use of horse drawn vehicles 

1910 - British Electric Tram (B.E.T) ran one of the first motor bus service in 1910 using two Daimler omnibuses.

1915 - British Electric Traction Company introduced motor buses from Town Hall To Dalton

1919 - British Automobile Traction Took over the running of services from B.E.T

1922 - The service was abandoned by British Automobile Traction

1923 - Barrow Corporation ran its first service with a Ford Vehicle. This ran from Roose to Rampside

1925 - Expansion of the bus system began following the Barrow Corporation Act which contained powers to operate buses. Services started in 1925 were Hawcoat to the Town Hall, Ormsgill to the Town Hall, the extension of the Rampside service to Ulverston. These buses were operated from a depot on Salthouse Road.

1929 - Service expansion Roose - Tea House, North Scale - Hawcoat, 

1930 - The Blue and Cream Livery of Barrow Corporation was born which last to its demise. 

1932 - The tram service in Barrow ended and all route where now operated by buses. Bus Service :- Biggar Bank - Town Hall - Abbey; Roose - Town Hall - Tea House; Hawcoat - Town Hall - The Shore; Ormsgill - Town Hall - Harrel Lane; Cemetry - Town Hall - North Scale.

1936 - New purpose bus depot was opened on Hindpool Road. Service Improvement :- Risedale Road - Oxford Place

1950 - Service Alteration Oxford Street - Town Hall- Harrel Lane; Ormsgill - Risedale

1953 - Newbarns Service started.

1955 - Service Alteration Hawcoat - Oxford Street - Harrel Lane - Abbey Road - Town Hall - The Shore and Return 

1955 - Service Alteration The Shore Extended to Rainey Park

1958 - The first one man operate bus left the depot on the Coast Road service to Ulverston.

1963 - Cemetery -  North Scale converted to One Man Operation; Rainey Park service extended to West Shore; Roose - Tea House One Man Operation; Dane Avenue Service extended to Ravenglass Road; Roose Service extended to Ship Inn.  Canteen open behind Town Hall for Bus Drivers

1973 - A tender was out out for the supply of 5 x 36ft single deck buses

1986 - Bus Deregulation, Barrow Borough Transport (BBT) took over the bus operations and depot in Barrow. Ribble Minilink started operating service in Barrow with a small depot holding 9 minibuses on Emlyn Street, with the buses being sent to the main Ribble Garage at The Ellers in Ulverston for repair.

1986 - New service to Kendal Introduced

1988 - Service to Kendal Withdrawn

1989 - On the 26th of May 1989 Barrow Borough Transport ceased to trade and Ribble over operations and the depot at Hindpool Road.

19?? - Stagecoach Cumberland took over all operations in Barrow and surrounding districts

19?? - The purpose built bus depot in Hindpool Road was sold to developers and Stagecoach transferred its depot to Bradys Yard on Walney Road with all vehicle parked outside and a workshop area to the rear in a part of a warehouse.


Anyone with dates of services starting, dates I have question marked or any other snippets of history you are welcome to forward them to me for inclusion.


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