Welcome to the site Dedicated to the Buses of Barrow's Past

This Website has been designed to inform young and old of past  public transport in Barrow-in-Furness. This site will be constantly improve and anyone wishing to contribute pictures, information, stories and news reports are welcome to do so and full credit will be given to them an E-Mail link for this is provided at the bottom of the page.

Hopefully it will jog a few memories of the buses that were in Barrow with the drivers sat at the front smoke drifting from his cab meeting with the smoke drifting from the back of the bus into the "no smoking section". Sitting at the Town Hall for what seem like a life time waiting for the replacement driver to wander round from the canteen. As a kid trying to sneak on through exit door of the bus to avoid the fare (my memories do not go back to the days of conductors on the buses). How things have changed the old blue and cream Corporation Vehicles, the great battle of Barrow Buses, Ribble Mini Link everywhere, free buses, blocking in of buses at stops then The Transport Giant Stagecoach taking over and peace reigned whether it be for better or worse you all have your views.

Hopefully people will be able to come forward with the history of the Trams in Barrow, routes, fleet lists etc. and I will glad place pages on here about them with full credit given.

Well that all for now explore the links as they become available and let me know what you think via the e-mail link or Guest Book.

If you can help in anyway at all by filling in the gaps on the website or providing information please get in touch.


Many thanks go out to all the contributors (too many to mention individually but you all know who you are) 

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