Your Memories Of Barrow Buses

Your Memories of Barrow Buses

This Section Is for Memories People Have Sent In About The Old Blue And Cream Buses Of Barrow.

Kathleen Newcomb of Washington USA - I remember my Dad "Joe Bennison" was a Conductor then a Driver for the Barrow Buses back in the late forties and early fifties. We lived on Walney Island and could see Biggar Bank from our Dining room window. Dad worked nights, my three sisters and I would watch out of the window for Dad's Bus. He would park, waiting for his next run back to Barrow to start and he would flash his lights at us. That was his way of saying goodnight to his little girls. We moved to America in 1951, but anytime I see a double decker bus on TV I think of my dad and his Barrow Bus

Mike Croasdell Writes that he remembers running to the double deckers after watching Barrow AFC in the 50's and the nice warmth awaiting him as we' ll as a few diesel fumes.

Wallace Trickett from New Zealand writes that he remembers waiting to catch the bus to Roose from the stop in Duke Street, it was in the first week or so of the introduction of the Titans's with front entrance doors. It was a mixture of excitement and amusement  as a brand new bus pulled onto the stop and the front of the queue all walked to the back as the door slid open, so accustomed to the conventional rear platform  I used to sit and watch from my bedroom window and watch them go past in South Row on the late evening runs.

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