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A Brief History of Tram Operations in Barrow

1881 - Construction of Tramways authorized by the Corporation.  

1885 - Tramways in Barrow Opened Abbey - Town Hall; Steelworks - Ramsden Square; Roose - Town Hall.

1886 - Tramway opened Ramsden Dock Station - Town Hall

1898 - Barrow-in-Furness Tramway Company went into liquidation

1899 - Barrow-in-Furness Tramway Company taken over by British Electric Traction Company.

1902 - Barrow Corporation agreed to electric tramways

1903 - Electrification of the Tramways begins

1904 - First electric trams in Barrow ran Abbey - Town Hall; Roose - Town Hall: Ramesden Dock - Town Hall and Town Hall - Ferry Raod 

1909 - Town Hall - Ferry Road extended to Walney Promenade . 

1911 - Town Hall - Walney Promenade extended to Biggar Bank.

1919 - Barrow-in-Furness Corporation purchase the tramways

1929 - Trams began to run on Christmas Day.

1930 - Consideration given with a view to closing the system

1932 - Barrow Tramway closed and all services covered by buses


Anyone with dates of services starting, dates I have question marked or any other snippets of history you are welcome to forward them to me for inclusion.


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