One of the big advantages of building a set of cars from 1959 is that quite a few of the 1958 cars can be carried over. This shortens the build time which means I can start racing that much quicker. In fact I don't need to build any works Lotuses or B.R.Ms and several of the T.45 Coopers can be used again. However, both the factory and the Rob Walker team used the new T.51 during 1959 so I modified my T.45 buck, made a new mould and cast up some new Coopers.

Here are the first of them:

A three-car team for the first time. Jack Brabham, Bruce McLaren and Masten Gregory.

There will be four factory Ferraris but so far this is the only photograph available:

This is the car of Cliff Allison. The cars of Tony Brooks, Jean Behra and Phil Hill will appear later.

Although the factory B.R.Ms will be the same as last season there is an extra one. This is the car run by Ken Gregory's British Racing Partnership.

Stirling Moss will have the choice of this car or Rob Walker's Cooper.

And here is said Cooper with its team-mate which Maurice Trintignant will drive.

The Team Lotus entry will be driven by Graham Hill and Innes Ireland. I have cheated a bit by using Innes' helmet from 1960 onwards. In 1959 he used a silver hat.

There will be two private Lotus 16s in this series of cars. The first one to be completed is David Piper's car.

For most of the season the B.R.M factory ran just Harry Schell and Jo Bonnier but occasionally Ron Flockhart was given a drive in a third car. I had three cars from 1958 so they will all be available for this series.

Several 250.F Maseratis appeared at various times during the season. There were four at the first race. Here are a couple.

One of the very rarest F.1 cars to appear around that time was the unique J.B.W Maserati and thanks to Rod Waller, a good friend from Western Australia who carved the buck, I now have what maybe the only slot-racing J.B.W in captivity.

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