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Shame you missed em, but here's a taster of what's to come!


Drink Drop and Doss 2002.

This was "Break the Chains" debut gig, and after only 3 full rehearsals, they went down a storm. Going on stage at such an early time, around 6.30, could have been a problem, with not many people paying much attention, but the marquee soon filled up with an amazing atmosphere, and lots of dancing as the set progressed. They sure know how to grab your attention!

Pen's beefy drums and Daves spot on bass provided the perfect backdrop for guitarists Baz and John to really let rip, with chunky riffs and fantastic shared solo's. Jacqui's vocals were clear and strong - with a real rock huskiness where needed, and backed up well with Johns great harmonies. A great time was had by all!


Britannia Jam Night - Halloween 2002

"Break the Chain" decided to do the Jam night to break on to the local pub scene - their main interest is playing at rallies etc, but they want to build up a following around the local pubs as well. They ended up staying on most of the night and almost packed the place out! The guy who helps out with these nights said it was the best Jam night he'd seen there all year!

Again, they went down a treat and put on a rocking good show, with Jacqui in her Halloween gear - a sexy witch or what! "Rob the Landlord" immediately booked them in for a gig in December (see gigs 2 cum 2) and got as many dates in his little black book as possible!


Rejects early Xmas Party - Lido

Went down a storm again, really getting people in the mood to party!


Britannia Margate - 27th December

This was their best gig yet - wasn't really expecting a big crowd being the Friday after xmas - couldn't of been more wrong! The place was jam packed with lots of familiar faces, looks like Break the Chain are already getting quite a following! One guy (bless him) was stood in the exact same spot head-banging all night, even when he became surrounded with other people dancing! A brilliant time was had by all yet again, and I don't think the Britt has been rocked that way for a long time, nor will it again - until Break the Chain play again that is!