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Hi I'm Jacqui......

I love being in "Break The Chain" because we all clicked immediately, and all want the same thing out of being in a band, to enjoy it!

I've been a few bands before, the first one was "Kicking Against The Pricks" back in the mid nineties. This was a good time punk band and we were drunk most of the time and just made it up as we went along! Seemed to go OK for a while, until we dramatically split up on stage. The drummers drink was spiked (yeah right!) and he just lost it completely! The bass player threw down his bass, the guitarist stormed off, the other singer shouted "the drummers a c**t" and stormed off, and left little old me standing there like a right lemon wondering what the hell was going on! I think I just blurted something about technical difficulties and wandered off to find my drink! The funny thing was though, the audience loved it, they thought it was planned that way! We didn't play again.

The next band was Black Rose. I answered an ad in a shop window, and the guitarist turned out to be an old school chum! I didn't stay in this band long due to other commitments, but it was good fun, and the bass player and drummer went on to form one of the most popular local bands, Viagra Fools.

I jammed with a few bands after that, but the most recent was Fourplay. This was probably the most enjoyable band up until Break the Chain came about, as I got to play a bit of rhythm guitar as well as singing. I left this band due to personality clashes which is unavoidable sometimes, but I still listen to the CD  sometimes.

Before joining "Break The Chain", I've played around with writing my own stuff and worked on my rhythm skills. To hear my song last year, click here! This is completely different to the style of band I prefer, but as a solo project (with a bit of help from Baz on lead!) it's a bit more personal.

I don't have any one influence in particular, I just love women who know how to get out there and have a rocking good time, and not let themselves be moulded into what the mainstream want. P J Harvey and Suzi Quatro are just two prime examples, the list is endless!

That's enough of the band stuff.........

I live in Ramsgate with my pal Debbie. I'm a customer service agent, which drives me mad sometimes, but I work with some fantastic people so that's OK. I do love to talk!

Im currently studying for a degree in Social Science - bit of a nerd on the quiet!

My other hobbies include reading science fiction, drinking, and generally I love a good party, and seeing other bands.

I think I've bored you enough, so bye for now, and I hope to see you at a gig soon!

Jacqui xxx


  Me and my sis Angie.