Booklet 5 - Malaysia Commemoratives

Booklet BCSTAMPS5- total  price : 10.21

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Key :

pgnn = page number - needed  because the same stamp may appear on more than one page

SGnnn = Stanley Gibbons catalogue number for the stamp(s)

cpnn = catalogue price for a good copy of the stamp

spnn = my selling price

condition - used unless marked as : mm = mounted mint, umm = unmounted mint, og = original gum, fc = fiscal cancel 

flaws - c=creased, bp=blunt perf., t=torn, th=thinned, w=washed, sd=surface damaged

pg1.6,set SG542-544, cp 1.50, sp 75p umm

pg2.2,SG595, cp 25p, sp 8p

pg2.4,SG595, cp 25p, sp 8p

pg3.1,SG634, cp 1.50, sp 50p

pg3.2,SG634, cp 1.50, sp 50p

pg3.6,SG650, cp 40p, sp 13p

pg3.7,SG651, cp 1.60, sp 53p

pg3.9,SG651, cp 1.60, sp 53p

pg3.10,SG650, cp 40p, sp 13p

pg3.11,SG651, cp 1.60, sp 53p

pg3.12,SG651, cp 1.60, sp 53p

pg4.1,SG651, cp 1.60, sp 53p

pg4.2,SG651, cp 1.60, sp 53p

pg4.3,SG651, cp 1.60, sp 53p

pg4.4,SG651, cp 1.60, sp 20p mp, c

pg4.9,SG661, cp 1.40, sp 47p

pg4.10,SG661, cp 1.40, sp 47p

pg5.2, SG676, cp 25p, sp 4p discoloured

pg5.3, SG677, cp 1.60, sp 53p

pg5.5, SG677, cp 1.60, sp 53p

pg5.6, SG677, cp 1.60, sp 45p

pg5.7, SG685, cp 10p, sp 3p

pg6.2, SG713,cp 1, sp 25p

pg6.7, SG722, cp 1, sp 33p

pg6.10, SG722, cp 1, sp 33p

pg7.12, SG769, cp 35p, sp 12p

pg9.6,SG788, cp 45p, sp 11p

pg9.7,SG792, cp 90p, sp 22p

pg10.10,SG869, cp 50p, sp 17p