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New song writers and their web sites.


Anthony Anderson www.planetanderson.co.uk 'Death In Vegas guitarist Ian Button's solo project unplugged - Wreckless Eric meets The Velvet Underground'

Roger Askew www.rogeraskew.com - new album Scarab Moon, songs that paint stories from life, the characters helped on their way by sensitive melodies and imaginative instumentation.

Antonia www.antonialive.com - (rattles and belts out songs with an urgent sense of passion and poise. this is pop with a kick and rock with a twist... Time Out) .

Ayo www.ayobamidele.com - a mix of great soulful vocals with warm and compassionate songwwriting.

www.apartfromthesoul.50megs.com Highly Original Acoustic Based Music With Worldy Influences. vocals with warm and compassionate songwwriting.

Aritisan www.artisanmusic.co.uk - jazz tinged introspective wistful acoustic songs.

Tim Arber www.timarber.com 'Live acoustic soul from Manchester's latest exile'


www.bewleybrothers.com Victoriana, melodic songs to move mountains and hearts.



www.bransbycentral.com Bransby - putting the "stic" back in acoustic..... or something.

www.brodyandquint.com - wistful and engaging songs from this acoustic duo featuring Rosemary Harrison from Bolton and Mark Barlow from Liverpool.

www.bellepark.com. Belle Park

The Balance www.bestofthebalance.com

Big Daddy Splash www.bigdaddysplash.com

www.brychan.com Brychan - "A Unique, acoustic performer! This Welshman has just released his 4th album in Italy and he's starting to create a huge stir in the UK!"

Benhill are an acoustic rock style band with influences from The Who, Paul Weller and Neil Diamond. Their songs hold a unique air with a distinctive sound and their flute player adds a funky new vibe. www.benhill.org


Coffey. Joan. www.joancoffey.com We love Joan and there's music to download at her site too.

Liam Cambell singer/songwriter doing honest, exciting and original indie/pop tunes. www.liamcampbell.co.uk

www.championgrove.com Champion Grove: Originally from Dundee and now based in London, this acoustic duo's songs are layered with driving grooves, gliding vocals and beautiful harmonies. and have been compared to the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Lilac Time and Doves.




www.elenni.co.uk Melodic singer/songwriter and guitarist plays all her own material.


cribabi - East meets west in a poppy, percussive, indie mix where the Carpenters rub shoulders with crunchy guitars; sample the world with cribabi.www.fidela.com

Nigel Burch and The Flea-pit OrchestraGritty ditties and crashing ballads. www.fleapitorchestra.co.uk.

'Franklin' - heavenly vocals on a rich musical canvas......exhilarating www.leigh-franklin.com


Richard Gilewitz. www.richardgilewitz.com . American 6 & 12-string acoustic guitarist, "...some of the finest live guitar that I have heard in a long time." Blues on Stage

Ana Gracey. www.ana-gracey.co.uk .

Paul Goodwin singer-songwriter from Cambridge. www.paulgoodwin.org

Gus Glen Gus Glen - Homepage

www.romneygetty.com "Romney is a powerful new Canadian singer-songwriter, with a touch of twang, who artfully melds elements of folk and blues into soulful yet contemporary original North-Americana."


www.b-o-b-b-y.com. Bobby Hamrick - "Straight Outta Cobham"www.b-o-b-b-y.com

'The Hula Bluebirds Acoustic trio playing and singing vintage jazz-tinged Hawaiian music' www.hulabluebirds.co.uk

www.tristanhorne.com Tristan Horne - singer/songwriter. Great voice, but what really sets him apart is the quality of his songwriting. Young man destined for stardom.



John Jackson. www.strange-attractors.net Sparkling, emotive and hard-edged songs played acoustically by "surely one of the UK's greatest undiscovered singer-songwriters".

Paul Jeans."... that rare commodity, a singer who can actually SING, ranging from gutsy to floataway falsetto in the space of a middle eight and thankfully the songs back up this talent more than capably, stirring stuff" The North Guide www.pauljeans.co.uk



www.james-keen.com James Keen "London-based Singer/Songwriter with powerful lyrics and vocals with a blend of musical styles from folk-rock to blues and country, with touches of funk."

www.lornafallon.com'Kyniska'- Acoustic duo Lorna Fallon & Steve Fenton perform a brand new set in their latest guise- innovative, acoustic songwriting at its best.

www.simon-kitchener.co.uk An electrifying live performer of quirky acoustic pop.


Ladas. Debbie. www.debbieladas.com "Deft songstress, who takes acoustic snapshots of people and places"

Livingstones Kabinet "David Lynch-ey m/f duo from Denmark with no guitars - 'nifty arrangements...wry, bleakly comic lyrics' (BBC Mixing It)" www.livingstoneskabinet.dk

Jason Luckett los angeles groovy acoustic soul, travels with poets on guerilla peace tours sounding like the suburban offspring of joni mitchell and marvin gaye... www.jasonluckett.com

www.latenitewhiskey.com Late Night Whiskey. Its where CSN & Y meets the Counting Crows with everything in between and the song remains the main focus.


Ian Mc Intosh.net. www.ianmcintosh.net "Sensitive, melodic songs from this Western Australian singer-songwriter."

'MO' = "Gospel-trained singer and jazz guitarist combines soaring vocals and toe tapping latino-blue melodies"www.geocities.com/momusicuk

www.meeker-seeker.com "MEEKER:Acoustically rooted, embracing electronica and textured with the purest vocals"

Looks Like Rain - Essex's finest young indie songsmiths. www.lookslikerain.info


No Rush - "the new original melodic pop band has loads of interesting tuneful tunes!" - Line up: female vocals, cello, guitars and drums. EP 'Mattila' now out!"www.norush.co.uk .


Over Easy. www.overeasymusic.co.uk


Pavli. Helen. www.helenpavli.co.uk Gorgeous with music samples, animation and photos.

Portabello, www.portabello.co.uk big sounding soulful Leeds based four piece.

Prizeapart, www.prizeapart.co.uk

Polly Paulusma's "haunting voice and guitar intertwine with viola and cello creating an altogether richer acoustic sound".www.pollypaulusma.com

Picturebox. Three men and a shopping trolley playing melancholy torch songs our website: Picturebox www.angelfire.com/nb/picturebox/



www.the-random.com The Random "Big soulful anthemic songs somewhere between Oasis, Doves and U2"

www.ashleyreaks.com Ashley Reaks

www.rubek.co.uk RUBEK. Low budget british alt-country.

www.rangerbase.co.uk Ranger 'Haunting melodies and rich compositions stripped down to 2 voices and a guitar'

www.rotatingleslie.co.uk 'Organic, Melodic, Rootsy Alternative Rock'


www.semble.co.uk. Semble : multi-instrumnetal arrangements of beautiful songs..

www.slightlyaphrodite.co.uk "Slightly Aphrodite are an acoustic duo delivering melodic, thought out pop tunes with gutsy vocals".

Sugardrum, www.sugardrum.co.uk "Imagine early Bowie mixed with Tori Amos with The Smiths chilling out patiently in the wings."

www.submacrewman.com Submacrewman.

www.aaronshort.com Aaron Short Singer/Songwriter.

www.springettbooth.com 'SpringettBooth - thinking person's acoustic guitar based, harmony filled, pop-rock!' .

www.silvermania.co.uk "Taking moments of thought and emotion and exploding them into songs. Think Portishead, Tori Amos, Mogwai, think deep evocative explorations. Honest, truly beautiful songs and one of THE great voices."

www.smiled.net SMILED: Music for people who are not in the house'


www.tomokiyo.co.uk Tomokiyo'From Hackney via Tokyo, tomokiyo mixes some Prince with a bit of Simon & Garfunkel and David Bowie to produce soulful, doleful, melodic songs.'

Toucan Brighton based band on the Lonecoyote label.

Holly Tomas British Singer Songwriter

The Tall Trees Rich melodicness

Woodstock Taylor, www.woodstocktaylor.com

www.paultullyband.com The Paul Tulley Band. An exciting band with a new and vibrant sound playing great songs..

www.thirtytimes.comThirty Times - Powerful lyrics, awesome vocals blended with smooth and spicy guitar to create a potent cocktail of sound.

Trigger Baby mixed between rock, acoustic and electronic www.triggerbaby.com

FEMME-FRONTED EXPERIMENTALISTS, www.thetechnoillogicalmyopia.com

Zeth Townsend - eclectic, acoustic guitar playing, singer -songwriter , www.zethtownsend.com


USB - a dynamic singer/songwriter from Wales www.usbonline.co.uk


Virginia Bright songs and great 3 part female harmonies.

www.virginiamacnaughton.com  Comparisons to Dido - but its more folksome than that, an unobtrusive, real troubadour session. Levers pulleys & engines,new album out soon.


www.thevoltaires.co.uk The Voltaires


Woodchuck, www.teamwoodchuck.com

WHITNEY AND FORNARA, adult pop with an r&b and hip-hop twist. www.whitneyandfornara.com coming soon

Alex Williams (aka The Psychotic Reaction)~ The Eclectic Electric Eccentric

The Tall Trees Rich melodicness