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Useful and Cool Links

mp3.com Download an mp3 player so that you can enjoy the music or take a look at what else you might want in their software page.

Cyber North London  The North London directory ( and LINUX )

New Acoustic Movement  "The New Acoustic Movement". Linking the acoustic scene together.

 Music & information from these Haringey dance musicians.

Acoustic Revolution This is the acoustic revolution club based in West London well worth a look.

Acoustic London The Acoustic London Website. Contains lots of information about acoustic music in and around London. More recently has included info on other parts of the country too.

Jagged Music New alternative/indie music site with loads of stuff going on. ***

Virtually Acoustic Club Great site with loads of interesting stuff for acoustic performers.***

NoSpine.com A new venture for authors who wish to self-publish

www.neon-promotions.co.uk New metal, industrial, goth site.

Popstar 100 New indie/glam web-zine. Check it out.

www.unpluggedsound.com Site featuring acoustic ideas and practical tips.

www.tonydelafou.co.uk For all your entertainment needs.

www.travelledmusic.co.uk Underground and Independent Music from the UK and beyond. .