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This page features a variety of CDs and recordings by small labels and artists' self produced material.

Big Note Songwriters
Recorded at Carm Studios.

Twenty track studio album featuring ten original songwriters. Recordings range from intimate guitar and voice to fully arranged renditions, with the focus always remaining on the song and the singer.

Produced by Marc Johnson, Carm Studios, London.

Songwriters Recorded at
Carm Studios

Artist and Track list.

Johny M Johnson "The Beast in Your Beauty" © Johny M Johnson.
Woodstock Taylor "Tongue Tied" © Woodstock Taylor.
Widemouth "Superman Says" © Widemouth.
Steve Mayne "Second Chances" © Steve Mayne.
Dorothy Dorothy "Loverman" © Dorothy Molloy.
Johny M Johnson "Little Angel Screaming" © Johny M Johnson.
Rhys Williams "The Open Road" © Rhys Williams.
Nick Moran "Ain't No Good" © Nick Moran.
Mark Meller "Softly Slowly Lonely" © Mark Meller.
Dorothy Dorothy "Deception" © Dorothy Molloy.
Damien Suil-Levanne "Messiah Jones" © Damien Suil-Levanne.
Esme MacDonald "High Low Song"© Esme MacDonald.
Rhys Williams "Sugar Pill" © Rhys Williams.
Mark Meller "(I Don't Need No) Jelly Rolls" © Mark Meller.
Woodstock Taylor "Mickey Finn" © Woodstock Taylor.
Nick Moran "Tuesday" © Nick Moran.
Widemouth "Where We Were Before" © Widemouth.
Steve Mayne "Diamonds" © Steve Mayne.
Esme MacDonald "Good To Be Here"© Esme MacDonald.
Damien Suil-Levanne "Lovers (Stranded in Fife)" © Damien Suil-Levanne.

dorothy Dorothy

Debut single "B4 I Let U Go".

Track list;
1.B4 I Let You Go
2.This Ain't A Movie
now on sale!

She's never quite doing what she should be doing, not quite following that good old yellow brick road. The songs and music are never quite truly commercial nor are they "Arty" enough to be up their own arse.

It's been a long learning process but as they say: "all good things are worth waiting for". It sounds pretty rocky: check out the mp3 excerpts (about 100K) . For further information see Dorothy's featured artist page.

To obtain a copy please send a cheque or Postal order for £3.50 GBP (incl. p&p - UK orders only) per CD to Jagged Music, PO Box 29538, London, N1 3WR. Please make payable to Dorothy Molloy (her alter ego!)

Currently recording her first album entitled "This Ain't a Movie" a collection of eclectic songs written and performed by Dorothy, ranging from acoustic tracks with Djembe and dulcimer to drum kit and distortion guitar.

Woodstock Taylor


A debut CD album by WOODSTOCK TAYLOR + THE ALIENS: "ROAD MOVIE", produced by British blues legend Zoot Money (released on the Cuppalabel).


"Road Movie" features contributions from Beat poet and Cream lyricist Pete Brown on percussion, Van Morrison/Georgie Fame sideman Ronnie Johnson and Strawb/Nanci Griffith noodlemaster Brian Willoughby on guitars, Alexis Korner/Mick Jagger/Whitesnake/Jan Hammer/etc…bassist Colin Hodgkinson and Money himself on keyboards. Engineered by fellow Ray Davies workshop "graduate" Marc Johnson, "Road Movie" was recorded at the Fortress Studio complex in Clerkenwell, London (as frequented by the likes of Pulp and the Verve), and is dedicated to the late Beatles publicist Derek Taylor and his wife Joan.

Lyrics and music for all tracks on "Road Movie" are by Woodstock Taylor, except for track 4: "Make Love Part 2",written by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown. Woodstock fell in love with this song when Bruce first recorded it in 1983 (he later recorded at least two more versions) and vowed to sing it herself if she ever made an album of her own. When she contacted Brown to ask permission to record the number he offered to play on it. This arrangement, which also sees Woodstock on keyboards, sticks fairly close to the feel of the original, which can be heard on Jack Bruce's1983 release "Automatic" (Intercord, Germany; re-released 1987 on the UK President label).

Two advance tracks from "Road Movie", "Between Us" and "Clone July", have been picked up by the highly respected publishing company, Eaton Music.

For music bites go to Woodstock's featured artist page.