This purpose of this site is a tribute to one of the first Airlines that made package holidays available to the people of the Northeast of England.

Airline History

Detailed history of the Airline from 1952 to 1970

Fleet Histories

All the Aircraft owned by BKS and some photos (Click on the underlined registrations)

Staff Magazine

Copies of the staff magazine 

Staff Photos

Photos of Staff sent in by readers - Do you have more to add?

In Flight Items

In Flight Magazine, Flight Report, and Load Sheet

Route Map

See a copy of the 1964 route Map

Airline Fares

Some of the fares charged in 1964

Airline Ticket

An 1965 ticket to Oporto for a Mr. Beaumont

Airline Brochure

Late 1950's Early 60's BKS Brochure about the Elizabethan

Pocket Timetable

Almost credit card size timetable before credit cards were heard of.   


Interesting or amusing stories about the BKS airline


Items of advertising that provide an insite to those times


BKS features in many Aircraft models but do you wish to create you own model?

BKS Football Club

The name BKS still lives on at Southend with the original Sports club going strong


Details past and future reunions

Related Links

Links that take you to interesting sites, linked in some way to BKS


Are you looking for something in particular?   Use this search facility

My thanks go out to Captain Ralph Brumwell for loaning his private collection of Staff Magazines and Newsletters for scanning and hence making available to all to enjoy.

Anita Smith (Cabin Crew) passed away on 21st March 2016 at her home in Jersey. Always the life and soul of the party she did not change much in the past 40 plus years. She will be sorely missed by friends and family.


Now available from Len Stanley "I have had re-produced a quantity of the static attached car disc BKS stickers as below. (Place inside of glass in cars or wherever really). Due to cost of set etc I am selling them at a non profit of 2 each plus 50p postage.  Many will be going to the two football teams and others to some ex Southend employees - those that are left. 


If anyone wants one just e mail Len l.stanley24@btinternet.com. They are roughly 3 and half inches in circumference.  


Click here to send me (Biggles) an E-Mail (My Lineone address has been deleted by TalkTalk without me knowing so if you have sent an email and not had a reply please use this link and send it again) or if you would prefer to leave a message for the whole world to read - then I would love you  to use my guest-book below and some of you have done so already and it makes interesting reading and adds to the history of BKS. 

Just to let you know that the website has come up against the "Lineone" limit for a free website. I cannot afford to pay for a website, so I am afraid I cannot add additional photos etc. unless the photo is a better replacement for an existing photo.

                                                        Thanks Biggles.

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